Sloane | nine months

Nine months old and learning more everyday!  She’s getting hard to keep up with!


^36 weeks

^37 weeks

^38 weeks

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February & Me | 2018


loving.  Sweet Baby Sawyer!!!  I’m so glad we got to meet and snuggle her!

needing. Spring!

wanting.  Sloane to sleep through the night again…..

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Peace | One Year Later

It has been one year since my mom went to walk with our Lord and Savior, free of all the physical pain she was experiencing on Earth.  I thought for the longest time that I would never write a post about my mom’s passing because what is there to say?  But it has now been a year without hearing her voice, giving her a hug or having her hold my girls.  I feel like there is A LOT to say but what I want to focus on is how great our God is.

I expected to break down.  I honestly thought that at some point during this year I would completely break down.  Mother’s Day without mom, the birth of our baby girl without mom, Peyton’s birthday without Gramma, a trip back to Indiana without mom, my first birthday without mom, our first Thanksgiving without mom, our first Christmas without mom, our first you-name-it without mom.

But God.  

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