baby steps

We’re doing it!  We’re stepping into the world of home-ownership.  Well, baby-stepping.  Several months ago we started using apps on the iPad to look at houses for sale near us.  Our favorite part was browsing through the pictures!  Some of the houses were built in the 60’s and the owners haven’t updated the interior since then.  While some houses have been recently updated and look like you can move right in (that’s what we need!).

We met with a Realtor, Jayne, about 3 weeks ago to discuss what we’re looking for and in what area.  Jayne actually goes to our church and is such a sweet lady.  We’re really looking forward to working with her.  Two days later, we had a list of 50 houses that met our ‘must-have’ list.  And the next day we talked to the mortgage guy so we know what our price range is now.  We narrowed down the list from Jayne to about 25 houses that looked nice in the picture and were in our ideal area.  So the past two weekends we drove by most of those houses and around the neighborhoods.  We currently have a list of 15 houses that we are excited to see what they look like on the inside.

Our next baby step will be seeing some of these houses [insert happy dance].  The lease on our apartment ends in May so we aren’t in a rush to find a house but just getting out there seems like the most exciting ever!  We are admittedly a little nervous too – that’s a whole lotta $$ – but let’s not focus on that right now.

Let the house-hunting begin!



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