Old Phone, New Tricks

So Forest and I got new Android phones over a year ago (August 2012). I didn’t really want a smart phone at the time but I fell in love with mine hours after getting it!  Don’t get me wrong, I still complain.  Like when my battery doesn’t stay charged as long as Forest’s or when an app doesn’t work the way I want or when I can’t connect to wi-fi or when it won’t download a picture message… So there are a few more snafu’s than I thought but overall it’s a-okay!

I digress.  Back to the point of this post which is that I learned a new trick today – auto-focus!


The picture on the left is without using this new found trick. I just opened the camera and snapped. The picture on the right, however, is using this wonderful little auto-focus [please ignore the mess of papers on my desk at work, it’s month end which in the accounting world means long hours with deadlines to meet and no time to organize].  After opening the camera, I touched the screen where I wanted it to focus.  A small, white box popped up and I saw the lighting adjust. I snapped the picture, while holding as still as possible, and wa-la! I now have a much better picture of my travel coffee mug (and messy desk)!

For as many pictures that I take, I feel like I should have known this trick already.  But I didn’t.  And now I do and my pictures will be 10x better.  Well, a girl can only dream, anyway.



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