High Five Friday

It’s the end of the week which deserves a high-five!  And since it’s Friday, I’m gonna give you 5 high-fives (aka top moments, highlights, special happenings, etc.)

1.  Cardinals are in the post season!  Which means I lose my husband to the tv until they win the World Series.  We only watch tv during dinner on Fridays (when we eat pizza on the couch) but Game 1 was on Thursday night so we left the tv on while we ate dinner at the table.  Which is where we remained for 15 minutes after we were done eating, until the end of the inning, because the Cardinals were up and we didn’t want to jinx them.  I’m not complaining though, I think it’s rather cute that Forest has these superstitions.   Except for today, the Cardinals game was at 1pm so I suggested that Forest could listen to the game while he was at work.  He text me at 1:14 “Lol.  You’re so smart.  I’m listening to the game on the radio!!”  Followed by the text’s in the picture below…


That’s my husband during postseason, folks.  Gotta love ’em!

2.  I’ve been having fun brainstorming gift ideas for our wedding anniversary.  It’s just over a month away but I’m a planner and I love giving gifts!  And I’ve been looking into places for us to go for a day/weekend that’s nearby.  I found a place in northern NJ today.  I think it’s a really big state park but there are a lot of trails and several small towns that look fun to explore.  I hope we get lucky and some of the leaves stay on the trees so we can catch some pretty cool fall foliage.  November is kinda past the prime fall foliage but we could get lucky!  And even if we don’t, we’ll still be celebrating our 2 years of marriage (already?!).

3.  Discipleship home groups started again this week.  We’re going through the video/study guide for the book Case for Christ.  I read the kid version of this book when I was younger but I feel like I’m going to get more out of the book this time around.  I’m excited to see what this round of home groups is going to teach us.

4.  After dinner tonight we headed over to Goodwill (I’m trying to find a cheap entryway table that I can DIY).  We didn’t have any luck finding one at Goodwill but we didn’t want to head back to the apartment just yet so we jumped over to the new Hobby Lobby down the road (where we did find good options for the entryway but they were definitely out of our price range).  Even though we didn’t find what we wanted, that we were willing to pay for, we still had one heck of a time walking up and down the aisles, as you might have seen on my Instagram a little bit ago.  Talk about super-sized!

Hobby Lobby 10042013

5.  And last, but not least, we went live with this little blog here!  I wish you could see my excitement through the computer!  I’m actually giddy!

So that’s it for this week!  Enjoy your weekend – pack it full of fall activities!



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