It’s a pretty tight race between Spring and Fall for which is my favorite time of the year. Spring brings the warmer weather and the beginning of the MLB baseball season, which is something I always look forward to, but Fall is cooler weather, fall foliage, and October (Post season) baseball!!! Yeah, you’re right, Fall is better!!

Nothing, literally nothing, is better than watching the Cardinals bring home a big win in October. Maybe I am spoiled at how consistent the Cardinals are at getting to the post season, and generally doing very well (at least within the last 8-10 years). And for those of you that don’t enjoy October baseball then that probably means you’re a Cubs fan :) It’s amazing how involved in the game I get as I watch it unfold on tv. I get more nervous/on edge watching games than I would for giving a speech or doing a presentation to my boss. Cardinal baseball means a lot to me, and Cindy can certainly attest to that. She has to put up with all my superstitions and yelling and rants, but she does it with grace! I’ve turned her into quite the Cardinals fan herself!!

To provide an update to those who don’t follow sports; the Cardinals won game 5 of the NLDS against the Pirates tonight, which means we (yes, I refer to my team as WE) will be moving onto the NLCS for the 3rd consecutive season!! Cardinals vs Dodgers.. winner advances to the World Series. Which also means my life, at least for another week, will be consumed with Cardinals baseball!!


Oh by the way, by a narrow vote of 5 to 4 (big turn out in voting…) my new sign off will be…..


Press 1 for Spanish… Buenos noches, America!!



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