Evolving Entryway

We’ve recently been searching for a way to make our teeny-tiny entryway more functional.  Since I first moved in almost 2 years ago, it’s been a mess of shoes, bags, mail, and anything else we drop as we walked in the door.  Many moons ago, after tripping over ‘stuff’ countless times, we purchased a wire rack as a remedy to the line of shoes and things. (Side note: I don’t know about anyone else but I despise stacking my shoes.  Call me crazy but I’ve always been that way.  I have a fancy for white tennis shoes and I like them to stay white for as long as possible – which is why I don’t want to put the dirty soles of one pair of shoes on top of a pair of clean ones.)  So the wire rack solved the issue of shoes getting in our way for the most part.  We also had a basket as a catch-all for other shoes which was overflowing.  Forest recently moved the overflowing shoe basket to the bottom of the linen closet – good idea! – and made us limit our shoes to what could fit on/under the rack plus one pair each on either side.  We’ve held onto that for a couple months now – progress!  I, however, have the habit of dropping my armful of bags (my purse, another bag, my lunch box and my water bottle) right next to the shoes and down the hallway.  Not safe, not pretty, and not working.

 entry before 1

entry before 2

I’ve been perusing Pinterest for some ideas to solve the shoe/clutter/prettiness issue.  I pinned two items on a new board – Our Next Project.  These are only two of the many, many (many) options I’ve seen (on Pinterest and Google) but these two look like they are smaller spaces and would work the best in our space.

our next project

I’ve seen many variations of spacious entryways but I know our options are limited because of the smaller space. My goals for this space: 1. find a cheap console table at a flea market/garage sale/thrift store and then DIY the heck out of it.  (We went to a flea market at the local train station a couple Saturday’s ago but came home empty-handed.  Forest saw a lot of rummage sale signs in the neighborhood but we’ve never gotten around to actually finding them)  2. multi-functionality – this space is for shoes, bags, books, outgoing mail, etc. so it needs to accommodate all of those needs 3. make it pretty in the process.

I am open to other cheap solutions, however, which is what I was playing around with last night.  We have two bar stools (from my apartment in good ole’ Indiana, after college and before we got married) in our dining room.  We don’t have a bar-height counter top but I didn’t want to get rid of them when I moved.  So they’ve sat in the dining room for nearly two years doing nothing of importance.  I dusted those bad boys off and plopped them on either side of the wire shoe rack and voila…

entry after 1 entry after 2

…a temporary solution for our entryway!  This will do for now since Forest already pointed out that it’s not a lot of space to set things on (The pictures above demonstrate how they’re already ‘full’) and they are a little bit taller than I would imagine the ideal height for a console table. I’m considering getting something to bridge the gap between the top of the stools which would maximize our ‘counter space’ so we’ll keep that in mind as I search Craigslist, Target clearance shelves and Goodwill.  These weren’t big changes but we’re on our way to what we need!

I’ll keep updating as we go but here’s a quick before and after shot of our $0.00 entry transformation:

entry before and after

Maybe I can talk the best-husband-ever into a trip to Ikea this weekend.  We’ve never been to one but I’ve heard they’re amazing.

Until next time — Cindy


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