High Five Friday!!

Happy Friday!!
This week has been different than most (i.e. late nights watching baseball) but it’s been full of high-fives so buckle your seat belts! We’re gonna fly through my top five!! (that was cheesy)

1. The weekend was wonderful! Screamin’ chili contest on Saturday in Keyport (you can read all of those details here) and pumpkin picking on Sunday with two families from our home group at Cheesequake Farms.

Pumpking Picking 2013

2.  Squirrels.  Sometimes they are the funniest little things!  Yesterday morning I had a stare-down with one but he wasn’t on the sidewalk or on the lawn.  Nope, he was ON the tree.  With a mouth fulla nuts to boot!  He didn’t move a muscle from the time I first saw him, while I stopped to take a picture or as I walked right past his tree to get to my car.  Please notice the other 2 squirrels playing in the parking lot.  I even sent this picture below to my dad.  I know he would love to go squirrel hunting in our courtyard!


3.  Forest and I invested in hot apple cider K-cups this week.  We don’t own a Keurig but we both have them at work.  And Forest has been eye-ballin’ the hot apple cider and hot chocolate K-cups at Kohl’s so we picked up some hot apple cider this week and tried them yesterday for the first time.  Not too bad for not being fresh-from-the-orchard.  If nothing else, my fingers sure did get nice and toasty.

hot apple cider

4.  I found a new (free) desktop background for anyone looking for a cute update and likes Vera Bradley!  But even if you don’t, you might enjoy these backgrounds anyway.  Just visit this link for fresh, fall downloads for your desktop, iPad or mobile device.  I’m using Cocoa Moss at work (see below) and I love it!  I’m deciding between Bittersweet and Canterberry Cobalt for my laptop at home.  And I just might spruce up the iPad while I’m at it.


5.  I got Forest’s anniversary gift in the mail this week!  Our anniversary isn’t for another three weeks but I was so stinkin’ excited when I saw this item online that I couldn’t help but order it right then and there.  Eek!

We’ll be spending the rest of our night on the couch (baseball again) but baseball on tv = relaxation for me.  (But usually not for Forest, he’s too anxious.)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday night and a lovely weekend.  We’re planning flag football, an open house, church, and going north a little to see the leaves!  Which reminds me, I’ll leave you all with this lovely tree I saw today. Gorgeous!!  I love all the gold and yellow!

fall tree

Until next time — Cindy

Note:  Keurig and Vera Bradley have no idea who I am.  I am not being compensated for anything on this page.  These are all of my own thoughts and opinions.


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