Puzzle Solved

Forest was gifted a huge puzzle for Christmas last year (has it already been a almost a whole year?!) that took us about 2 weeks of non-stop puzzling to finish.  We seriously stayed up late many nights just to finish one more logo or find one more piece.  Forest’s technique was to work on one section and scour the pile of pieces for the one he needed.  I was amazed at how well it worked for him.  I, on the other hand, grouped pieces into similar-colored piles and tried to fit them together by color.  But anyway, this puzzle is the shape of the United States and has the logo of each-and-every-state’s MLB team (if the state doesn’t have a major league team, there is a minor league team or something that represents the specific state.)  Here’s two pictures: the night dumped all of the pieces out of the box and the night we finished it.

puzzle beginning

puzzle end

You would not believe how proud we were.  Yes, I can guarantee there were multiple high-fives!  But then we didn’t know what to do from there.  Forest didn’t want to spend money on a big-enough poster frame for it so we brainstormed a different cheaper solution: Mod Podge.  We bought a small container from Micheal’s and mod-podged the heck out of both sides to make sure it would stay together – success!  And then we hot-glued 2 yarn loops to the back, waited for the glue to dry and put some nails in the wall.  It looked so darn pretty hanging up there on the wall and we were relieved that it didn’t fall.  We had even added small pins for each of the stadiums Forest has seen a game (for those who don’t know, it’s his goal to watch a game at all of the major league stadiums).  But a few weeks later I noticed it, the blank wall were the puzzle was supposed to be hanging!  We re-glued the two yarn loops, thinking we didn’t use enough glue, and even added a third loop and another nail in the wall for extra support.  This seemed to last longer but the puzzle still fell and made the New England area floppy.


So our lovely puzzle has been on the floor since sometime this spring.  In the spare room (where it should be on the wall), in the living room under our bikes (when we have guests using the spare room) and even on our bedroom floor (when we had guests using the spare room and the living room).  We haven’t had guests all summer so our puzzle has been collecting dust resting on the floor of the spare room.  But we are expecting guests in December (yay for parents visiting for Christmas!!) and need to get our puzzle on the wall one way or another!  So earlier this week I made my way to Micheal’s during lunch (with blinders on because I have a habit of buying the whole store) and grabbed a big 36″ x 24″ poster frame for $23.74 (they were having a 40% off poster/picture frame sale – lucky me).

We, at first, just popped the puzzle into the frame but it didn’t want to stay in the middle of the frame.  We took everything out of the frame and squeezed some tacky glue to the back of the puzzle so it would adhere to the piece of paper already in the frame.  Now we have a gorgeously framed puzzle waiting for a little decorating.

puzzle framed

I’m seriously giddy with excitement over here!  I want to add a little somthin-somethin to the overwhelmingly white background – a title or some catchy phrase for the top and a creative way to check off all the stadiums (something simple like round stickers over the cities or something more interesting like strings from each city with a tag that has the date of each game),  I’ll figure something out after I scope out Pinterest in a little bit!

Until next time — Cindy


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