High Five Friiiiiiiday!

I’ll make this a quick one since I’m a little late (yes, it is only 10:30 and I’m ready for bed. I blame the late running game 2 last night).
1. Hiking at the Delaware water gap this weekend was awesome. The weather was perfect (I feel like I mention the weather a lot but it’s so good when it cooperates!) but more importantly, the leaves were bursting with color. Aahh…. We stumbled upon, quite literally, a turtle on the trail and 2 different caterpillars. One of my favorite things was collecting leaves. They’re just so pretty!



2. The Cardinals are National League Champions!!

3. Which means the World Series is all the more exciting!! Go Cards! Wacha!

4. We went to church on Saturday night last weekend (since we went hiking on Sunday) and it was so encouraging. [Prayer changes things.]

5. Pumpkin carving happened! We went to the pumpkin patch a couple weekends ago but just got around to carving them on Saturday. I did a cool looking owl (funny story – the whole time we were carving, we could hear an owl hooting outside. My owl pumpkin was meant to be). And Forest did a freehand scary face wearing a hat with the St. Louis logo. Creativity points!


That was our awesome week in a nice, little nutshell. I hope yours was as high-five worthy!

Until next time — Cindy


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