a look back

I’m writing this on the day that marks one year since “Superstorm Sandy.”  Instead of rolling on with the whole I-can’t-believe-it’s-already-been-a-year hoopla, I thought I’d give everyone a look back at how we spent the days following Sandy’s arrival.  (I do not want to diminish or make light of of the fact that Sandy caused widespread devastation.  I can’t imagine the loss and pain felt by many.)

I stayed home from work (the only time I’ve ever called off of work) the day of the storm while Forest worked from home.  The day was mostly uneventful.  It was windy, there was a little rain and it was cloudy all day but I thought the meteorologists had over-exaggerated how bad the storm would be.  It wasn’t long after dinner when we saw a bright green flash from our living room window and, just like that, the apartment was pitch black and it was eerily silent.  Our first thought was the food in the refrigerator and freezer so we grabbed our frozen yogurt and two big spoons.  We laid blankets on the floor and grabbed a lantern, a head lamp, a couple flashlights, a deck of cards, some frozen yogurt from our freezer and two big spoons.  We didn’t even bother putting the frozen yogurt into bowls, we just stuffed our faces straight from the container until we couldn’t stand to eat another bite.


Forest was totally rockin’ the head lamp every night.

IMAG0421And we consumed  inhaled that whole carton of frozen yogurt while playing Rummy and trying to listen to the news on our battery operated radio.

We decided to venture out the next day.  We walked around our neighborhood and saw trees down everywhere we turned.


No bueno..  In addition to no power, we had terrible cell phone reception.  So while we were wandering, we kept one eye on our phones so we knew when service was available.  This is what Forest looked like when he found some service:


Our windows of service were few and far between so when we found a spot we stopped dead in our tracks until we could send/receive a text.

Also not good was not knowing when we would get our power back.  It seemed like it would at least be a few days with all of the downed power lines in our area alone.  So we had to make a tough choice.  We knew the food in our fridge would go bad (luckily we didn’t have much in there to begin with) but we also had something special in our freezer – the top tier of our wedding cake that we were saving to eat on our one year anniversary.  Which was two weeks away… Bummer!  So we pulled it out of the freezer when we thought it was completely thawed (the night after the storm).


(Please don’t mind my wet hair.  I had just taken a ‘shower’.)  Look at how pretty it was though!


Let me tell you that I was blown away by how well preserved it was.  And it tasted just like it did on our wedding day!  Although I was completely bummed (as you can tell from the picture above), I was glad we were able to enjoy that moment together.

And speaking of our wedding!  Sandy kicked our butts into gear to put together a scrapbook that we had received as a gift.  I’m not sure why we waited until it was dark outside to attempt to be crafty but we did.  And our scrapbook looks beautiful, if I do say so myself.


Check out our fridge after we threw away all of the perishable items.  So sad!  (And for anyone who’s worried – we cooked the meat as soon as it thawed and the other frozen items were tossed.)


And this is how my nightstand looked for nights we stayed at home without electricity.  It was surprisingly soothing/relaxing to watch the candle light flicker and the shadows bounce around the walls.


A week after Sandy, a lovely nor’easter passed through which dumped tons of heavy snow on top of everything and dropped the temperatures way below freezing.


Around day 12 without power we noticed half of our apartment’s outlets were working!  And one evening I came home to find this little scenario in our living room:


I guess Forest was tired of eating cold bagels so he plugged the toaster into a working outlet so he could toast his breakfast [How smart is that guy?!].

I could go on and on about the quirky things we did to “get by” without power (like heating up water on the stove to use for a shower, charging our phones in the car, watching a movie on the laptop, eating PB&J for dinner for far too many nights, sitting in front of the oven to stay warm at night, playing Monopoly on the iPad, recording each other and giving interviews about our experience, sleeping at friend’s and co-worker’s houses, putting on freezing-cold clothes to go to work [brr..], Forest’s work setting up a make-shift gas station in the parking lot, buying a queen-size electric blanket for $10, and volunteering to help with the clean up [which is still in progress as well as rebuilding]).  But I mostly wanted to have a look back at what we were doing a year ago today.  It wasn’t exciting, it was actually kind of scary and really sad, but it was definitely memorable.

And now I’m going to say it – I can’t believe it’s already been a year!

Until next time — Cindy


One thought on “a look back

  1. Until you live it, or read an account of someone who did, you cannot appreciate all of the little things that conspire to make such an event as Sandy the nightmare it was. thanks for sharing your story.

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