High Five Friday!

It’s that time of the week again!  Time to be a high-fiving fool!  So here’s a run-down of 5 top moments this week:

1.  Leftovers.  How weird is this, first of all?!  I remember when I was younger, I wouldn’t dare touch a bowl of leftover anything.  Leon & I gladly left the leftovers for our parents (you’re welcome, mom & dad).  But now I actually look forward to having leftovers to take to work with me the next day.  It probably has something to do with not wasting the food we cooked, therefore not wasting the money we spent to buy the food.  I think the other part of it is my handsome husband’s sweet cookin skills! I definitely scored with this fella!

2.  I am so excited about the new Hunger Games movie coming out (November 22nd) and I was reading a blog that linked to this website hungernames.com.  You get a name, a district and the way you died.  I am Purnia Rathbone from District 12, killed by failed acrobatic maneuvers.  Love it!  Forest is Blight Goldenrod from District 7, killed by trident.  Let me know what your Hunger Name is!  Don’t cheat (like Forest) just go with the first name you get!

3.  Forest made tenderloins last night for dinner – deliciousness.  We don’t see tenderloins around New Jersey so homemade ones are a treat.

4.  Hello November!  I’m so excited for this month!!!  Our 2nd wedding anniversary, Forest’s 25th birthday and Thanksgiving are right around the corner!

5.  October Instagram rewind – I wanted to gather 9 of my favorite Instagrams from October (I’ll be honest, my collage maker allows me to choose 9 pictures.  I only had 10.  Prepare to see more Instagrams from me! haha!)

Instagram - Oct

We don’t have any plans for this weekend (except getting ready to talk to an IN friend [woot woot]).  Low-key weekends are always good though.  Enjoy yours!

Until next time — Cindy


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