shh… it’s a surprise!

Surprise parties are so much fun!

Last year Forest and I went back home to IN for Thanksgiving.  We had the whole week to catch up with family and friends and stuff our faces with a lot of good food.  In the weeks before we left,  I helped Forest’s mom (Lisa for those who don’t know her) brainstorm throwing a surprise birthday party for Forest since his actual birthday was on Thanksgiving day.  I’ll admit, besides making and mailing a simple invitation to send out and figuring out a basic time-frame, I didn’t do much else.  All of the special details (the cake, decorations, hiding all of the cars, etc.) were planned and executed in Indiana.  My parents even managed to stall Forest at their house so we could make sure everyone arrived at the Johnson’s (where we were having the party) before us (Forest thought Amanda was going back to college so he was ready to leave my parent’s house so he could chat/hang-out before she left.  But it was still 30 minutes before anyone got to his parent’s house!  So my parent’s him-hawed  around doing random-nothingness while Forest sat patiently  on the couch. What a trooper).  So we finally get to his parent’s house to a dining room full of family, friends, food, cake, decorations and presents.  Success!  After everything was said and done, it was totally worth helping plan this simple surprise party and it was so easy since most of the details were taking place in another state!  (I had to sneak in phone calls to my mom and Forest’s mom during lunch breaks or while Forest was playing flag football on Saturday mornings but that was the fun part – being sneaky!)

Fast forward to this year and I’m doing it again!  Sort of.  Since our wonderfully amazing week-long vacation to Orlando, FL just happened to land on my birthday in September, I wanted to plan something special for Forest’s birthday this month.  I obviously can’t give any details about the destination or what we’ll be doing (I’ll just have to follow-up with a post about how it all went down).

This is what Forest knows:

  • We’re going somewhere for the whole weekend of his birthday – taking a half-day off of work on Friday Nov. 22 because we have a bit of a drive and staying through Sunday
  • We’re staying at a Holiday Inn – I told him not to check the bank’s website but he did today since he bought an anniversary gift and he wanted to confirm that he paid what he thought

That’s it!

But since I mentioned the bank stuff – I’m learning that it’s difficult to plan AND execute any type of surprise (big or small)  for a spouse.  We only have 1 bank account so I can’t secretly plan something too far in advance for fear of Forest seeing it online.  For the most part the bank gives vague/obscure details about what is ordered/reserved – the name of the hotel/restaurant/store.  I still make sure to tell him “don’t check the bank because I just bought your anniversary gift!”  I initially wanted the whole trip to be a surprise but after brainstorming how well that would work, and knowing that it would be easier if we both took a half-day off of work for traveling, I decided to clue him in on the trip but leave him in the dark about EVERYTHING else.  Hehe.

So this is where I leave EVERYONE hanging.  Yep!  His birthday isn’t for another two and half weeks!  But don’t feel left out, Forest has known about this trip for a month now and I haven’t given any clues away yet!  I feel like I’m pretty good at keeping secrets (Forest doesn’t think so – just ask him about the time two friends came to visit [Mark & Katie] and I was just as surprised as Katie when Mark proposed!  Yeah… Forest  thought I would get all weird and giggly if I knew anything before Mark popped the question.  To the point that Forest didn’t even mention it while it was happening – we all went to Central Park but split up to do our own things and, in those several hours of us just lounging in the park, Forest said nothing!).

Instead of ending on a cliff-hanger, I’ll leave you with a few shots from Forest’s surprise party last year:

The invite I whipped up on Word-forests surprise 24

The moment of SURPRISE-forest surprised

The cake (made & decorated by Forest’s grandma)-forests 24th cake

The wish-making-forest blowing out candles

Good times!  Now I’ll continue my secret planning.

Until next time — Cindy


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