High-to-the-Five Friday!

Hello to another start of the weekend!  Let’s jump into some high-fives, shall we?

1.  I got a pretty fall table runner this week.  I have place-mats for the other 3 seasons but I’ve never had anything for fall.  Until now!  Check out this beauty (while ignoring the terrible picture quality).  I love, love, love the fall colors.  Oh, and the centerpiece is just some mason jars filled with black-eyed peas and a pillar candle.  Very simple and fall-ish with the colorful runner.

fall table runner

2.  I had a wonderful boot shopping trip tonight.  Couldn’t have done it without my dear friend with me though.  She talked reason into me.  I usually have a mini melt down of sorts when I drag Forest with me.  But those were thankfully avoided tonight.  I’ll call that a success.  Besides finding a pair of boots in my price range PLUS getting an additional 10% off because the only pair in my size was the floor model. Score.

3.  Forest and I started planning Christmas gifts this year!  While I’m more of a let’s-celebrate-one-holiday-at-a-time kinda gal, we’ve been doing some early shopping/gift planning.  Last year we were done shopping the week before Thanksgiving because we took all of the gifts home with us when we traveled to IN.  This year we need to have half of the family’s gifts bought since the Johnson’s will be out for Thanksgiving.  Doing it this way will save on postage/shipping which is nice.  Plus we’ll get to still experience a little Christmas action with them even if it is a month early.

4.  The CMA’s were this week and while I didn’t get to watch the first hour, I watched the second hour and recorded the third.  So that’s on the DVR waiting to be watched.  I sure do love me some country music though.  It makes my heart happy that I’ve found 2 country radio stations in NJ.  [It’s the little things.]

5.  I found these adorable block letters at Michael’s today.  For $1.50 each!  Can’t beat that kind of deal!  Not only do I love the chunky letters, but I also love that each letter is the favorite color of the other person (My favorite color is green which is the F and Forest’s favorite color is blue which is the C) Perfect.

F&C block letters

And I’m a little sad to report that I only got 1 person to share their hunger name.  :(  But since I did get at least 1 I figured I would share!  My SIL (that’s sister-in-law, if you’re not up on the abbreviation lingo) is Floog Goldenwood from District 2 killed by a mountain lion.  Hehe.  (Long story short, I think it’s hilarious that a form of lion killed her.  She understands my amusement.)

As for this weekend’s plans we have flag football, I’m getting a little hair cut and we’re continuing our house hunt by looking at some houses just down the road!  And maybe celebrating our 2nd anniversary.  But we might hold off until next weekend for that – we’ll see!  Have a super-fantastic week everyone!

Until next time — Cindy

photo source


update (& total blonde-girl moment): spell-checking courtesy of Brandon (yes, his name in my phone is Dreamboat McWeinie).  I seriously yelled when it hit me that he text me about a typo.  But I love that he was nice enough to play along with my blonde-ness.  That’s a good friend!

Spell Checker Brandon


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