High Five for Friday – Saturday edition!

I have to admit something: I’m sad to see this week come to an end.  I know, I know… You all think I’m crazy but this week has been so exciting!  Let’s dive in.  And just for fun, we’ll do this sort of like a time line.

1.  Saturday afternoon: We went house-hunting with our Realtor.  She showed us 5 houses, the last 2 in Matawan (where we are currently renting).  One of them we’ve wanted to see for awhile now but the other one just came on the market so we threw that one in too.  Well let’s just say we left our appointment asking what the next steps would be if we wanted to make an offer.  Whaaaat?!  I know!  Our lease isn’t up until May so we didn’t want to find a house we liked yet.  We were just hoping to see different styles and different neighborhoods in New Jersey but that almost went out the window.  Our Realtor would be out of state Sunday to Tuesday afternoon so we either had to do make an offer Saturday night or wait until Tuesday.  We aren’t ones to rush into anything so we said we would let her know when we were ready.  We talked about the house a lot, prayed, weighed our options, prayed, talked more (we sure were chatty!) and on Monday we finally both agreed that we wanted to make an offer.  We also agreed that we only ‘really like’ the house because we didn’t want to be disappointed if we don’t get it.  We’ll catch the rest of the story in a little bit.

2.  Monday evening:  Christmas shopping!  Like I mentioned last week, the Johnson’s (I know I’m a Johnson now too but the whole time Forest and I dated, my family has always called Forest’s family “The Johnson’s” so the name stuck) are coming for Thanksgiving and we’ll be celebrating Christmas at the end of their trip.  So we kicked our shopping into over-drive so we can have all of the gifts bought before they get here.  I do love Christmas shopping though.  It’s so much fun to pick out things for your loved ones.

3.  Tuesday, all day: OUR 2nd ANNIVERSARY!  How cute are we?!  Haha.  After work we exchanged gifts, had dinner at a local restaurant (Aby’s), and got our craft on.  It was such a good evening.  I have a pretty creative and thoughtful husband, let me tell ya.  We’ve been trying to plan ‘something to do’ for a couple weeks now.  Last year we went to a Broadway show so I thought we should ‘do’ something for this years’ celebration.  Forest has been dodging the subject with the response “We’ll think of something.”  We never did.  But Forest always has a trick up his sleeves.  I want to share more details about our anniversary so keep an eye out for another post!  Last year we took a picture of us holding our wedding picture (see 1st picture below) and we want to continue this tradition every anniversary.  So the 2nd picture below is from this year – and we’re both wearing one of the gifts we got each other.  (Didn’t I tell you we were cute?)





4.  Wednesday afternoon – we met our Realtor during our lunch hour to go through the process of making an offer and then actually sign one.  But before that, we were told that the house might already be under attorney review (after an offer is accepted in New Jersey, there is a 3-day period of attorney review and, afterward, the buyer or the seller can choose to walk away – no questions asked).  Our Realtor explained that even if they were in attorney review, we could still make an offer because the seller’s would have to see it.  Our offer would be there if either party dropped out after the attorney review OR we could be considered as a back-up offer if something falls through later down the line.  Our offer was sent soon after we left and just like that we had made our first-ever offer to buy a house!  But later that evening, our Realtor called to say that she hadn’t heard anything from the listing agent after a follow-up phone call and text.  We got an email Thursday morning with the news – the sellers were going with the original offer. [que the sad trombone music.]  We aren’t too bummed though.  That was just our first offer so we have that under our belt.  And now we’re ready to get back on the house-hunting-horse!

5.  My last high five will go to this weekend.  Just because.  Weekends are great and deserve a high five!

So with that, I leave you.  We’re finishing up our Christmas shopping for the Johnson’s and then headed to an early Thanksgiving dinner with some great friends!

Until next time — Cindy


photo source


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