Pin vs Pen

My aunt Michelle and cousin Abby, who live in Alabama, have southern accents (which I love) but I’ve never thought of myself having one until we made our way to the east coast.  Some of our friends tease us for our ‘accent.’  We were just discussing our ‘accents’ this weekend, actually, during a game of Taboo!  

What a coincidence that I stumbled upon this fun accent quiz: What American Accent Do You Have?

My results were – “you don’t have an accent.”  I knew it!

Accent Quiz-cindy

I sent the quiz to Forest and his results were practically the same – no accent!  Well, I have less of an accent (95% vs 85%) but we both have a TV/radio voice!  How cool is that?  I guess we know we have a back-up gig if we need it. ;)

Accent Quiz-Forest

I can’t wait to share the news with our New Jersey friends and have them take this quiz!  Because the truth is, they are the ones with the accent!  They just out-number us so we sound like the weird ones. Haha.

Take the quiz and share your results with us!  I have a feeling most results will be the same as ours but I want to see who DOES have an accent.

Until next time — Cindy

Feature image: source


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