High Five Friday

Hi all!  As you’re reading this, Forest and I are headed to a secret destination!  I am one excited lady!  But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some high-fives to get you through the rest of the day!

1.  I’m wishing Forest a happy birthday day!  He don’t even know what’s in store for you this weekend but I hope his day is just as amazing as he is!  Happy quarter-century birthday babe!  Welcome to the club!  haha.

happy birthday cake

2.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving get-together with a great group of friends on Saturday.  The food everyone made was delicious but the time we spent chatting and playing games was much needed and cherished.  For this time of year, the time where everyone shares what they’re thankful for, we put this group of people (plus a few more) on our list.  Thank you for welcoming us to NJ and being a such a huge part of our lives!

Thanksgiving with friends

Photo courtesy of Rachele. :) Aren’t we adorable?!

3.  My dear friend Megan got engaged this week!  Well, on Saturday, but we got to chat with her on Sunday and hear all of the details of the proposal. Awww… I’m so happy for her and Ronnie!  (I hope that you two truly treasure this time of being engaged!)

4.  No high-five for the storm that rolled through the Midwest on Sunday.  Our sincere prayers go out to everyone whose lives have been turned upside down.  We are so thankful that our families and friends are safe.  And that my dad is back to work.  It might not be his normal routine but at least it’s something.

5.  Our last meeting for home-groups was this week and we were reviewing the second half of our study book.  Forest was asked if he would take over leading the review and, just like last session, he accepted.  I’m so glad he did because I love seeing him in those leadership roles.  He’s such a goof when we’re at home but I never  rarely get to see him in these settings.  Forest does a lot of thinking – I can see his wheels spinning all the time – but doesn’t always share what’s on his mind.  So the few chances he leads a home-group, I’m surprised (in a good way).  I didn’t mean to turn this high-five fest into a let’s-fall-in-love-with-Forest moment but I sure do love that guy (and his thoughts).

So there you have it!  I hope everyone had a great week!  Enjoy this weekend as we head into full-on holiday mode.

Until next time — Cindy


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