High Five Friday

Hey there again!  Another week has whizzed by us!  For those of you who go shopping on Black Friday – good luck!  I’ve only been once and that was enough for me so I’ll enjoy our warm, cozy apartment as we begin to decorate for Christmas!  But here are my high-five moments of this week:

1.  Forest’s surprise birthday trip was a complete success!  We drove up to Cooperstown, NY on Friday after lunch but since it was a 4 hour drive, and because Forest wanted to be blind-folded the whole time, we didn’t get to our hotel until it was already completely dark (even though it was only 6:00 pm)!  Forest will tell you that we weren’t even in America anymore because it was so dark and the houses were few and far between.  He’s so funny.  He was surprised by his family walking into the hotel lobby as we were checking in, too.  Bam!  I would love to tell the story of our whole trip (Baseball Hall Of Fame, Brewery Ommegang, Fall Creek Cider Mill & snow boo….) but that all deserves it’s own post.  Maybe I can trick Forest into writing a re-cap of our trip. All-in-all, Forest is another year older and I love him just as much. :)


2.  The in-laws are in town.  They sort of followed us from NY to NJ but either way they are here and we are enjoying their company this week.

3.  Thanksmas.  Yep – we created a new holiday!  Since my SIL (Amanda) starts her new job (woot woot) in the middle of December, and might have to work on Christmas, we combined Thanksgiving and Christmas into 3 days.  Thanksgiving was yesterday, like usual.  Today we put up the tree, decorated the apartment, and made a batch of Christmas cookies.  Tomorrow is Christmas!

4.  High-five for a short work week?  Yes please!  I just lived through month-end here at work (which always makes me crazy) so I’m glad we had a short work week.  Hello four day weekend!!

5.  Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday so I could have given all 5 of these high-fives to Thanksgiving but it’s been such a good week that I shared.  I do miss my family but I made sure to call and wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!  I did enjoy our Thanksgiving out here.  Good food + good family + good games = lots of memories.

I hope everyone recovers quickly from the turkey they inhaled yesterday.

Until next time — Cindy


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