Merry New Thanksmas!

Whew! Its been awhile folks, but I’m back and expect some posts coming!

This past week my parents and sister came to town to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas (and then we through New Years in there at the end too!) hence the title – Merry New Thanksmas!  It wasn’t necessarily the most conventional way to celebrate the holidays, because it was all pushed into a few days, but it sure was a lot of fun.  We were able to somehow squeeze all the normal traditions into just a few short days.

Lets start with Thanksgiving (Thursday)… (They actually surprised me and showed up the weekend before for my birthday in Cooperstown, but that’s a different story).  Going into Thanksgiving, Cindy and I thought that we were only responsible for the Turkey.  We woke up at 8 am and pulled out the turkey and put that bird together with some onion, butter, pepper, basil, etc.  We threw that bad boy in the oven and let it cook for 5 hours. LOW AND SLOW! Awesome!


As I mentioned, we thought that was all we had to do, and would let my mom and the rest of them put the side dishes together… BUT as it got closer to time to eat I found myself in the kitchen doing the Mac ‘n cheese and mashed potatoes while my sister was throwing together some brocolli dish.. yuck.. and Cindy was making stuffing and getting her cranberry sauce.  I’ll give my mom some credit, she did put together some amazing baked beans, BUT THAT WAS ALL!! :)  I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, because I did enjoy it but putting it all together was exhausting!


After eating we sat down and watched some shows and then played some games, which is generally more tradition of Cindy’s family’s Thanksgiving so we tried to get that in there :)

Next day was Christmas Eve (Friday)… We had to get it all in during the week so we decided that Christmas was on Nov. 30th, which made that Friday “Christmas Eve”.  Since Cindy was adamant about not having Christmas decorations or music up or on before Thanksgiving we had to do it ALL on “Christmas Eve”.  So Friday we spent the entire day pulling out the decorations we had and putting up our tree, all while Christmas music was on all day.  After decorating the tree, my mom sat us all down and had us do a craft.  She saw an idea from pintrest or facebook of making a snowman ornament by painting your hand and then grabbing a clear ornament, which made it look like snowmen.


After that we made our traditional Christmas cookies.  My family has always made these sugar cookies every year since I can remember.  The best part has always icing them (because you always get to eat the ones you mess up).  And of course, being that it was “Christmas Eve”, we all got to open 1 of our presents!!! Then we all went to bed early so we could get up and open the rest of our gifts.

CHRISTMAS!!! (Saturday)…  Generally, my sister and I were always up at 5-6am and were waking up our parents on Christmas morning so we could get into the gifts… well this year, it was our dad that came rushing in at 7 to wake everyone up.  (I guess I value my sleep a bit more now that I have to be up at 7 am every other morning)  Again, my mom was pretty crafty and brought all these giant stockings and put everyone’s presents in their own stocking.


We opened all our presents and went out and played with all our new toys.  Then we went out and took some new family photos at a park near by.  At the end of the day we watched some stupid Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas movie, but it was a nice way to end the day.

OH YEAH – NEW YEARS.. Still “Christmas” Day.  We decided during the day that we might as well celebrate New Years while they were there too.  During one of the stupid Hallmark/Lifetime movies they ended with a New Years Eve count down, which just happened to work out perfectly!! So we all went along with the count down on the movie and said “Happy New Year!!!” Lol!

All in all, it was a good week of Holidays!  Hopefully, we can start making it back to IN for more holidays but for the years that we aren’t able to, this was a great replacement!!

Press 1 for Spanish… Buenos noches, America!



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