High Five Friday

Hello!  It’s Friday already, what?!  I know I’m excited that the week is over because I’m looking forward to the weekend.  But who isn’t, am I right?

1.  Christmas shopping started this week!  Well we technically already started last month because we celebrated Christmas with the Johnson’s while they were visiting for Thanksgiving  but that (unfortunately) didn’t feel like Christmas.  But this week we started shopping for my parents, Leon & Shelby, and each other!  Yay!  I’m ashamed to admit that Forest said he was going to finish buying my gifts tonight and I haven’t bought a singe thing for him yet.  Oops!  The good news is that I already know what I’m getting him, I just haven’t gotten them.  But I love giving gifts!  Even though a certain few are hard to shop for this year. *cough*Mom&Leon*cough*

2.  We were still eating Thanksgiving leftovers into the beginning of this week.  That was actually our whole dinner on Tuesday – leftovers galore.  I guess we shouldn’t have made as much food as we did but I’m not complaining!  (Speaking of Thanksgiving… I still need to upload all the pictures I took!)

3.  I was in bed by 10:00 pm not once but TWICE this week and it was glorious!  Go ahead, call me Grandma.  But the extra sleep was needed after a week of late nights chatting with family.  I actually don’t think I’ve caught up on my sleep but maybe I can sneak in a nap this week.  And speaking of last week spent with family, Forest shared a little re-cap here.

4.  You probably caught the picture below on Instagram or Facebook earlier this week.  It was from Wednesday night when we grabbed a cup of hot chocolate and plopped down on the couch to watch the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting.  The countdown to the lighting was only 5 seconds and 5 seconds after that the tv station was on to the next program.  But in those 10 seconds the tree looked beautiful!  I’m sure we’ll go into the city at some point to see it in all it’s Christmas glory!

Christmas tree lighting 2013

5.  What started off as sad news that my parents won’t be able to visit the week of Christmas (dad’s work ‘lost’ his request for time-off and put a block on anyone taking vacation that week) turned into exciting news that they’ll be here on Tuesday!!  We seriously need to go grocery shopping before they get here.  Mom & Dad – we are going grocery shopping.  You do not need to bring anything with you this time. :)

And since this little blog is about life-happenings, I can’t write a post about this week without mentioning the terrible news concerning the death of my favorite actor, Paul Walker.  Most people might not even know who he his just from the name so to clarify if you haven’t seen the news, he’s the actor from the Fast & Furious movies (see picture below).  Even though I’ve never met him, I haven’t even seen half of his movies (this will be changing soon), and I have no personal connection to him or his family, I’m still sad.  I don’t know if it even makes sense for me to be sad but I am and that’s as much as I can explain.  But not wanting to leave a high-five post on a sad note, I am delighted to know that he was a Christian, he was a true giver, and he wasn’t caught up in the Hollywood hustle and bustle of things.

Paul Walker

[Photo source.]

So to end this ever-growing post, I’ll wrap up with my weekend plans: Women’s Dessert & Fellowship night at church tonight, Christmas shopping tomorrow morning while Forest is at flag football, a much-needed date night tomorrow (dinner and a movie: Catching Fire, yay!), and possibly looking at houses on Sunday afternoon.

Until next time — Cindy


Feature Image source.


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