high five friday

Hey! And hello Friday the 13th! I hope everyone’s had a wonderful week. I have some awesome high-five moments this week. And some of them are the kind that leaves your hand stinging because they were just that good. Let’s begin!

1. Date nights are awesome and we had a great date on saturday – Christmas shopping, dinner and Catching Fire which was just as amazing as I hoped. Forest said he liked it to! They left out some parts from the book that I would have liked to see but overall it was excellent!

2.We found out on Monday evening that we are going to be the aunt and uncle to a little BOY! Woot woot! We still have a ways to go with a due date of May 11 but I’m already brainstorming baby shower gifts!! (Be ready little one, Aunt Cindy and Uncle Forest are goingto spoil you rotten, even from NJ.)

3. My parents arrived onTuesday evening after a pretty normal 10 hour drive. We’ve already had a game night and a craft night. We’ve had dinners cooked and dishes washed. Today we all met for lunch which was fun. Who knows what the next week holds but I’m looking forward to our Christmas celebration on friday!

4. My thoughtful husband bought Fast and Furious 6 for me on Tuesday. Not as a Christmas gift but as a ‘just because’ gift. I am SO excited to watch it, you have no idea. Maybe tonight?!

5. I mentioned craft night earlier.  It was a team effort to make this ’tis the season banner.

I cannot make decisions to save my life (it’s really bad…) so after finally deciding how we wanted the banner to look, and only gluing 1 letter to the wrong colored paper (oops… that was me…), we had a cheery little guy to hang in front of our curtain. I proceeded to mostly tear out the curtain rod on one side but my dad just broke off a couple toothpicks in the hole that was too wide and screwed the screw back in there. Whew!


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