High Five Friday!

Merry Christmas!! It’s not December 25th yet but we are in the midst of celebrating our 2nd Christmas!  Today it’s with my parents!  Woot woot!

Here are my high-five’s this week!!

1.  We have been on a crafting spree this week.  I can’t give details because some/most of them are gifts BUT it has been a lot of fun!  And the crafts were so cute!

2.  We went to Red Bank this week to see a Christmas tree and even though it wasn’t lit (what city has a Christmas tree lighting at the beginning of December but doesn’t light the tree every night until Christmas?!) we still had fun because we found Carlo’s Bakery that just opened last month.  The cupcakes were delicious!


3.  We had a night of baking – PB cookies from a cake mix (YUM) and I tried a new recipe, peppermint bark (also YUM).

4.  Game nights galore!  Almost every night has been a game night – from Euchre to Yahtzee including 5 Second Rule, Logo Game, Catch Phrase and Quelf.  We sure do love our games!

5.  And I’ll end my high-fives with today since it is Christmas!  The food was delicious!  I’m so glad my parents were able to come out and visit.  It wasn’t exactly when they planned (they wanted to be here the week of Christmas) but we’ve made the most of it and have enjoyed their company.  We even got to watch a Christmas movie last night, Christmas on the Bayou (with cast members from One Tree Hill!  Yay!).  They’re working on getting everything to fit in the car right now (boo…).

With all that said, Forest and I are gearing up for Christmas next week!  I still have a few more gifts to buy and something to finish creating (Forest has been done shopping for like two weeks already [overachiever]) but I have a few days off before Christmas to do get that done.   I think we’re headed into the city to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree tomorrow and I’m looking forward to hopefully watching the Colts game on Sunday!

Have a great weekend!


Until next time — Cindy



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