Christmas #2 – Shodlouski Style

Forest recapped his family’s trip to NJ for Thanksgiving (which also included Christmas) here.

And since we are sharing our lives here on this little blog, I wanted sum up my parent’s vacation too!  I’ll warn you now that my post is mostly pictures (I have a tendency to use more pictures than words) but that just means less reading for you!

My parents originally wanted their vacation to NJ to be the week of Christmas but due to “lost paperwork” at my dad’s work, they had to bump up their time a couple weeks.  No problem for us, we would get to celebrate a 2nd Christmas before December 25th!  Forest and I worked the majority of the time my parents were here [bummer] but our evenings were spent being crafty, like making this neat-o ‘ ‘Tis the season’ banner


a Christmas ornament with Shelby’s ultrasound pictures (how did I not snap a picture of that?!),

and these adorable onesies we made for Leon and Shelby’s little one due in May!  (Betcha’ can’t guess which one I did!)


These weren’t necessarily a craft but they were fun to decorate.  We had just as much eating them too!Image

Our nights weren’t just crafts, we played a lot of games too.  Yahtzee, Quelf, Euchre, Bezzerwizzer, 5 Second Rule, and a new Logo game.



As is the tradition in the Shodlouski household, we opened 1 Christmas Eve gift.  It’s never a surprise because the gift is always pajamas.  I love snuggling into new pj’s every Christmas Eve.  Check out these new pj’s!


(I’m not sure why Forest only has 1 sock on.  He’s a man of many mysteries…)

And “Christmas morning” (which was actually Friday, December 20th) was amazing!  I took the day off and Forest worked from home (he had a call at 9am so we made sure we were up early enough to open gifts so he could make his call in time.)  I love the seeing the tree lit up with all of the gifts wrapped and sitting underneath it on Christmas morning.  I’m actually most excited about the gifts my family gets to open from me!  I LOVE giving gifts!


After we opened our gifts we threw together a delicious Christmas dinner including ham, garden fresh salad (a must-have at family gatherings), mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, and rolls.  We finished the day with games (of course) and dream-whip pie!

I know I’ve left some things out (like our trip to Red Bank to see a lit Christmas tree that did have lights on it but wasn’t lit but got cupcakes from Carlos Bakery while we were there anyway) but if I continued you would still be reading.  All in all, my parent’s trip out here was wonderful.  They were here for 10 days but it went by in a flash!  I can’t wait for their next trip out here, OR our next trip back home!

Until next time — Cindy


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