High Five for Friday

Hello!  I hope everyone has had a week full of family, love, and joy since Christmas was just on Wednesday.  I know, I can’t believe Christmas has passed already either.

So here are my high-fives for this week:

1.  Going to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree in NYC on Saturday with friends.  We got closer to the tree this year than we ever have.  The tree looked considerably smaller than last years but it is still so magical to see.  I just wish we could remove the massive crowd that crushes you within a 4 block radius of Rockefeller Plaza.  And it was oddly warm that night.  By warm I mean 69 degrees.  I took my winter coat with me but did not need it because I was hot in just the hoodie I was wearing.  So it didn’t feel like Christmas or even winter but the tree was beautiful.




2.  In a weird turn of events, I was left to finish Christmas shopping in the days before December 25th.  Forest was done shopping the first week of December, I think!  I actually had a list of what I wanted to buy already, it was just a matter of going to get them.  Which just took one afternoon trip to the mall with my friend, Rachele.  She even got a few steals on gifts while we were out.

3.  Christmas Eve is always special.  The Christmas Eve service at church was wonderful.  I love singing Christmas carols and the message is always spot-on.  We started a new tradition when we got married that we would each get a family/together gift to open on Christmas Eve.  This year Forest got mancala and I got the board game Risk.  Forest is new to mancala but he won a few games!  And we started a game of Risk but I forgot how to play and Forest never has so we read through ALL of the instructions.  We didn’t get very far before we paused the game and popped in the Polar Express as we sipped hot chocolate.  I love these memories.




4.  Obviously Christmas is a high-five this week.  It should probably be all 5 of my high-fives since it was so wonderful.  Let me start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESUS.  I’m so glad that we know the true reason for the season.   And now about our day, in a few sentences: I have such a thoughtful husband.  We limit ourselves to a set number of gifts to get each other but Forest always finds creative ways to ‘bundle’ like-items so they only count as 1 gift even though the could probably be 3 gifts.  But Christmas isn’t just about the gifts.  We spent time chatting with Forest’s family after breakfast – biscuits and gravy [yum] – and then my parents, Leon, and Shelby afterwards.  And later that afternoon Forest called his grandparents so we could send Merry Christmas wishes to them and then I called my grandma to do the same.  (My grandma text me earlier in the morning saying “You are always in my heart.”  How precious is she?!)  We spent the afternoon playing with our gifts (video games, board games [we finished Risk and I kicked Forest’s behind!], and movies).  We made a delicious dinner, beef Manhattan, and dessert, cherry pie.  And we somehow snuck in a teeny-tiny nap, even though Forest just says he dozed [denial].




I have a ton of pictures from Christmas on my camera so I may or may not get around to sharing those in the near future.

5.  I didn’t have the whole week off of work but I loved spending so much time with Forest.  There is no one else I would want to make memories with.

Until next time — Cindy


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