High Five Friday

Hey guys! And happy 2014 to you all! I know the Midwest and Northeast parts of the country are frozen over at the moment so I hope everyone is staying warm! We’ve been inside all day (we both worked from home) and don’t have plans to go anywhere soon. I take that back, we did go outside early this morning to shovel my car out of the snow, but that’s it!

Here are my high-five moments this week:

1. We had dinner with our friends, Mike and Val, on Monday night. We met at a diner nearby after work and 3 hours later we were headed home. Yes, we ate and then stuck around chatting for another 2 hours but it was such a great time to hang out with them and talk about whatever.

2. New Year’s Eve was spent at home on the couch this year. No parties or big crowds. It was awesome. We had a How I Met Your Mother marathon – season 5 – and played a few games until 11:30 when we turned on ‘Rockin New Year’s Eve’ (Ryan Seacrest is no Dick Clark, let me tell ya) and counted down to midnight! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

New Years Eve

3. Forest and I both had New Year’s Day off so we slept in late and went to our friend’s house to help paint a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. We had steak and coleslaw for dinner. I know it sounds like an odd combo but it’s a tradition to have cabbage on The first day of the new year. We ended the night with a game of bowling with a few friends and another How I Met Your Mother marathon.

4. Sweatpants. Random, I know. But one of my Christmas gifts from Forest included a pair of sweatpants from Old Navyand they are amazingly comfortable. Just like a good pair of sweats should be. Plus, they look cute.  They don’t look comfy in this pic I found on their website, but trust me.

5.  We had beautiful weather on Saturday so we went to the nearby park with my new toy I got for Christmas.  It actually isn’t a toy but it is a lot of fun to use!  A Canon DSLR!  I’ve wanted one for awhile and Forest was super sneaky and bought one for Christmas this year.  Please enjoy some of these shots of my handsome model + some fun shots we took playing with the shutter speed!








Forest loves this shot.












side note – the pictures above are directly from my camera.  I didn’t do any editing – I still have to learn that part.  yikes!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I hope 2014 has welcomed you with a big ole’ bear hug!

Until next time — Cindy


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