High Five Friday

I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! This feels like the longest week ever. But here are my high-five’s for this Friday:

1. Friends of ours just bought a house last month and invited a small group of people over for dinner. Dinner was great, desserts were delicious and the company was adorable (I say that because there were 4 under the age of 3).

2. Our Colts played over the weekend and even though they didn’t win [insert sad face] it’s always fun to spend an evening watching Colts football!

3. We started a new workout this week. IT.IS.INTENSE. Whew. We’re even getting up early on Sunday to workout before church AND once or twice a week to work out before work! (Now that I think about it, I bet that’s why this week is dragging…) Anywho, it’s always painful to start a new workout but I’m looking forward to the results so bring on the pain!

4. We went to a concert at our church tonight, Sidewalk Prophets. I heard the name and thought to myself “I don’t know any of their songs…” but then I saw a video montage of some of their big songs and I knew all of them! Turns out they played more than the few songs I knew BUT they also sang some Bon Jovi and Michael Jackson! Haha! This is the first Christian concert I’ve been to for a couple years and I’ve seriously missed them.

5. We have some exciting news! It’s actually from last week but we haven’t wanted to share anything yet, just in case. So I’m not going to officially put it writing on here but it definitely deserves a spot on my high-fives. We’ll be sharing when the time is right. [and since I know someone will ask, no, we are not pregnant.]

We don’t have any major plans this weekend. We will definitely be watching the Broncos/Patriots game to witness Manning run Brady into the ground though! Yay!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time — Cindy


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