High Five Friday

Hi again!  We’ve sort of fallen off of posting anything except my regular Friday posts but don’t fret, I’ve been working on a post to share so I’ll get that out the beginning of next week.  It’s a doozy guys, so make sure you check back!

ok – on to our high-fives this wonderful week of January!

1.  We watched Despicable Me 2 Saturday night.  Although it wasn’t as good as the original, there were minions!  Which are adorable on the screen or as stuffed toys.  Speaking of Despicable Me.. Let’s reminisce on some Despicable Me/minion pictures from our trip to Universal Studios in Orlando:

despicable me collage

2.  I had Monday off of work [Happy MLK Day! :)] and even though I had laundry and grocery shopping to do, it was a great day.  I got to sleep in, I successfully sewed a button back onto a pair of Forest’s work pants, I caught up on some tv shows, I had some pretty amazing leftovers for lunch, and I finished reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. (Seriously guys, you should read this series!  My brother and his girlfriend [Leon & Shelby] got me Divergent for Christmas and it was finished in 4 days.  I bought Insurgent last week because it wasn’t available at the library and it was finished in 3 days!  I don’t know how long I can hold out before I buy the third, and last, book Allegiant.)

3.  I love love love my Canon DSLR that I got for Christmas.  I’ve challenged myself to take at least 1 picture every day with it in semi-manual or manual mode.  I’ve been playing with 2 semi-manual modes all month taking pictures inside.  Which has been really fun playing with lighting.  But I’m itching for spring to roll around so I can take this baby outside!  Actually, I did take a sunset picture one night and I suppose I should probably take some pictures of the snow but it’s been way too cold for that.  (I can deal with the cold when it’s around 30 degrees but not when it’s only 5 degrees! brrr!)  In summary – I love learning how to use my camera.

4.  High-ten for Manning going to the Super Bowl!  Woot Woot!  Our Colts didn’t make this year so I’m rooting for the Broncos all the way!!

5.  This sunset:

NJ sunset-January2014

I’ve noticed that the sun is taking a little bit longer to set.  Just last week the sun was already set by the time I left work at 5 – pitch black.  But I noticed on my way home this week that the sun was set but I could still see all of gorgeous colors.  I have an infatuation with sunsets.  I can’t help it.  And how great is the wooden cut-out of the dog AND the flag?  Thank you, USPS, for having such a photogenic lawn.

BONUS HIGH-FIVE:  I transitioned into a permanent position with the company I’m working for.  I’ve been a contingent/temporary employee since mid-July but I was offered a permanent position a couple weeks ago and today I got an email that says I’ve been hired as “Sr Accountant” as of 1/21/2014.  Yay!

Forest and I are headed to a comedy club for a date night tonight.  We have no idea who the comedian is but I’m really looking forward to it!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend – stay warm!

Until next time – Cindy


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