High Five Friday

So we finally shared some exciting news earlier this week (check out this post if you missed it) but it’s Friday and I’m ready for some high-fives!

1.  Forest and I had a date night on Friday – a comedy club!  It was a lot of fun!  I’ve never been to a comedy club and wasn’t quit sure what to expect – besides a lot of laughing – but I was pleasantly surprised.  The main comedian was raised in NJ so it was especially funny to hear him make fun of New Jersey people (since we’re usually the ones that ‘stand out’, being from IN).  Oh, and he was recently married so it was equally as funny to hear him make fun of the random parts of being engaged and the wedding itself – his main thing was engagement pictures because who in their real life ever walks into a sunset holding hands?! That never really happens so why are we doing it?! Haha.

Stress Factory

2.  We followed date night up with breakfast Saturday morning!  There is an amazing little place in Holmdel – The Turning Point – and it is fabulous.  It has a similar atmosphere to a diner (IN people don’t truly know what I’m talking about but stick with me) and it’s not expensive at all.  They only serve breakfast, brunch and lunch but I’ve really enjoyed it.  We’ve only been 2 times but should obviously go much more often.  I have no idea why we’ve never taken any visitors either.  [Shame on us].  Take note, future visitors.  We need to take you to the Turning Point.

3.  We had our home inspections on Wednesday morning.  Forest said the major things all seemed to check out and, according to the report we got from the inspector today, there are only a handful of things we’re going to ask the seller’s to fix/repair.

4.  The close date on our house is March 15, 2014.  That’s still only 5 weeks away but I’m already on the search for a puppy to adopt!!  There are SO many shelters near us so I’m hoping for 2 things to happen soon: 1.  We start packing (better to give ourselves as much time as possible) and 2.  We start visiting animal shelters so we kind find a puppy to add to our family!  That is seriously the #1 item on our to-do list for the house.

5.  We went to Imprint last night (which feels like the first time in awhile even though we only missed last week recently) and it was amazingly refreshing.  I love having a small group like Imprint to be able to not only catch up on studying God’s Word but to catch up on friends’ lives.  It’s not always easy to get together with hectic/differing work schedules and other life happenings but Imprint is the place to do that and I love it.

It’s officially Super Bowl weekend!  And since the big game is in NJ this year, we’ll be headed into NYC with a group of friends on Saturday to enjoy the Super Bowl Boulevard – see the Vince Lombardi trophy, get autographs from current and former players, take a picture with the huge roman numerals 48, and ride a 60-foot tall toboggan ride.  Yeah!

By the way, we totally want Denver to squish Seattle on Sunday.  Manning has had the season of a lifetime and I really want to hear him say “I’m going to Disney World!” when it’s all said and done.

Until next time — Cindy


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