High Five Friday

Hi guys!  I hope everyone has had a fabulous week.  I know that I’m in a better mood about this weekend now that the weather forecast changed from 15-30 inches of snow on Sunday to only 1-3 inches instead.  whew.

Here are my high fives for the week:

1.  Super Bowl Boulevard in NYC with friends on Saturday was quite the experience.   There was a strip of Broadway through Times Square jam-packed with all things Super Bowl.  ESPN was broadcasting in front of Macy’s, We spotted the Vince Lombardi trophy, there was s 60 ft tall toboggan slide, 20 ft tall roman numerals XLVIII, autograph sessions, Fox Sports was set up with a huge version of their little robot that dances in the corner (Cleatus), and millions of people.  I was really excited to go and we had a really great time.  It’s all about the experience and we got our fair share.  At one point everyone was so crammed together and the massive crowd was inching ever-so-slightly forward and I heard someone say “This is worse than New Years Eve” to which I explained to Forest “If we survive Super Bowl Blvd, we will be coming to Times Square to watch the ball drop one year!”  Haha!  We had dinner at a really good BBQ restaurant and grabbed souvenirs from the section of Macy’s that was set up as the Super Bowl zone.  We got back late but it was worth the experience.






1013465_10101274600178378_1609935592_n (1)

2.  And I can’t talk about Super Bowl Blvd without mentioning the Super Bowl itself.  While I wasn’t impressed by the game or the majority of the commercials, the Super Bowl is the Super Bowl.  I was excited for Peyton to get another win (even if it wasn’t with the Colts) and, although that didn’t happen, he is still my favorite player.  Oh, and the food at the gathering we went to was delicious.  Maybe that was the highlight of the night!

3. We ordered our 2013 family photo album Monday night. Yay!  Catch the story about those here.

4. I’m not sure why they did it this way but we watched some of the Olympic Games last night, before the opening ceremonies which is on tv now. I’m looking forward to figure skating, bobsled, curling, ski jump, and snowboard half pipe. Haha. That didn’t narrow it down very much but I love the Olympics in general so you can count on me plopped on the couch most nights.

5. We RECEIVED our 2013 family photo album today! We weren’t expecting it until February 18! Forest thinks they must be slow this time of year so they whipped this bad boy together in no time. I’m not complaining. I’ll be sure to post about it next week.

We’re going to continue watching the opening ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympic Games tonight (by the way, how rude are Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera being?  “Most of these countries realize they won’t bring home a medal.” “At least they are enthusiastic.” Grr…).  But we don’t have many plans for the rest of the weekend.  We’ll just kind of hang out while I contemplate decorating ideas for the house.  Hehe.

Until next time — Cindy


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