Last minute Valentine’s Day crafts

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  I was feeling a little blue, with all of the snow in our forecast through Valentine’s Day, so I grabbed some supplies from Michael’s while the weather was nice and I pieced together these cute little crafts.


My supply list:  jumbo Popsicle sticks, paint, foam brushes, and tacky glue.

First, I painted all of my Popsicle sticks.  I painted each stick with one coat of acrylic paint and by the time I painted the last one, I went back for a second coat on each.  I let them dry overnight, but I’m sure an hour would be enough drying time.



To secure all of my painted sticks together, I glued two sticks perpendicularly on the back.  That will make more sense in the picture below.  One piece is drying with the paint and candy on top of it.  The other just had the back pieces glued on so you can understand what I meant.


I let the glue dry for an hour or two and then finished the decorating the front of each.  On one, I painted a big red heart and added white “stitches” along the outline.  On the other I wrote “love is all you need” with a thin, red marker.  After all the drying was done, I propped them against a few vases on my craft table.


Just for fun, I added the little multi-colored hearts on the ends of long dowel rods and stuck them in the tall vase (just a smidge of glue on the end of each rod was enough to hold each heart in place).  Then I surrounded the whole thing with Valentine’s themed candy.  Quick and simple.  And I love the homemade look of everything.  We don’t do fancy very often so this is the perfect little touch of fun!

Until next time — Cindy



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