High Five for Friday

It has been an uneventful week around here – Forest has reached the end of the cold he got last week and I caught mine just in time on Sunday that I’m almost over mine as well.   Let’s start these high five’s, shall we?

1.  We celebrated our friend Megan’s birthday over the weekend with dinner and line-dancing!  It was such a fun night to go out with a group of friends.  Nobody knew how to line-dance but some of us jumped right into the thick of things on a few that seemed to have easy steps.  The place we went, Colorado Cafe, has lessons on Sunday afternoons so I’d like to try that out and then go back on a Saturday night to show off all of our moves!  Here are a few pictures from our evening:



(photo courtesy of Rachele, thank you)



(photo courtesy of Rachele again, thank you)


2.  I started collecting boxes for packing up the apartment this week.  A co-worker has been keeping an eye out for empty boxes around the office for me.  I have a total of 3 from her and 3 more at home that I got from transferring spring and fall decorations out of boxes and into big totes.  I plan to start packing the office/spare room this weekend.  We have a ton of books and board games that we won’t miss between now and when we move everything.

3.  We had potato soup earlier this week and it was amazing.  I share the recipe yesterday – here – if you missed it.  Y.U.M.

4.  We went clothes shopping over the weekend as well.  We hit up the clearance racks at Old Navy and Kohl’s, our go-to spots.  I always love getting a few new threads.  And I’ll be donating some older clothes as we go through our closets before we move – maybe we can do that this weekend too!

5.  I have to give a big high-five for my model husband.  He probably didn’t realize that when he bought me a DSLR that he would be the subject of my pictures.  But he’s been a pretty good sport about it – he mostly just continues to ignore me the whole time I click away by reading whatever on the iPad or playing video games but it gives me time to play around with things.




and this one is just for fun, Forest finds it very amusing:



I just got my hair trimmed tonight and it feels so much better.  Funny how that works!  Have a great weekend, all!

Until next time – Cindy


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