high five for friday

Happy Friday!  I’m multi-tasking tonight: writing this little post and watching the Marion vs Kokomo sectional game on my iPad.  I’m a bit jealous that my parents and uncle are at the game.  But let’s get to these high fives!

1.  On Saturday Forest and I spent some time at Lowe’s.  We had to check out the prices of lawn mowers, grills, patio furniture sets, rugs, and (the whole point of the trip) pick paint colors!

2.  We made chocolate cupcakes this week.  For no reason.  They were awesome.

You can read more about those here.



3.  Our Realtor called on Tuesday with some an offer from the sellers.  They offered the media cabinet/entertainment center in the family room to us – for free!  It won’t fit in their new house so they offered it to us at no charge.  Heck yes!

4.  We had an intense game of putt-putt over the weekend too.  I posted this picture to Instagram earlier in the week.

putt putt

I obviously didn’t wear the right attire – since Forest is  like a glow worm and I’m similar to a black hole.  haha!  But I’m proud to say that I only lost by 1 – I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been!  We did a few arcade games after the putt-putt and won enough tickets to get a Chinese finger trap and a kaleidoscope.  Score!

Putt-putt was preceded with dinner at Olive Garden was amazing.  But I think Forest’s favorite part was the amount of mints we got with our check!

olive garden mints


5.  We’re drawing ever-closer to the end of our work outs.  We’ve been doing T-25 (25 minute workouts 5 days a week) and only have 2 weeks left.  We’ve been noticing some results recently and our muscles sure do feel the pain.  But that’s the point of a work out!

That’s all for this Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend – we’re looking forward to temps near 50 this weekend and we’re going to take advantage of it one wary or another.

Until next time — Cindy


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