high five for friday

Happy Friday y’all!  I have dinner in the oven – pizza! – and the sun is still pouring in through the window so my evening is off to a good start.  I hope it’s the same for you!

Here are my high five’s this week:

1.  I had a lovely lunch date with my dear friend, Rachele, Saturday afternoon.  Chipotle + bff = awesomesauce.

2.  The gift from us for Shelby’s baby shower arrived at my parents house today.  Just in time for the shower tomorrow!  While I’m sad I can’t be there to celebrate, I’ll have my phone practically glued to my hand in case everyone/anyone wants to send a steady stream of pictures. *hint hint*

3.  I’ve removed 75% of the picture frames and decorations from our apartment walls and packed in boxes.  All of our books and photo albums are packed away too.  I’d say packing is going well.

4.  It’s Pi day [3.14] so I stopped into Delicious Orchards for some pie on my way home from work today.  [It’s a little surprise for when Forest gets home tonight – you’ll understand that part after my last high five].  I don’t know why I waited 2 years to stop in there but I know I’ll be going back!  There are endless rows of veggies, cheeses, fruit, pastries, pies, and chocolates.  They also have a juice bar, a meat counter, a fresh seafood section, homemade peanut butter, candies, maple syrup, coffee beans (which smelled amazing), and a freezer section full of chicken pot pies and fruit-filled pies.  I know I missed a ton of things which is why I’ll be going back!  And I’ll drag Forest with me so he can experience all the goodness.

Delicious Orchard

5.  Forest is coming home tonight!  He’s been in ATL all week for training.  I sure have missed that man [and his cooking. hehe].

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Until next time — Cindy


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