Let’s Bet on It

It’s that [crazy] time of year when everyone fills out their March Madness brackets.  I don’t follow college basketball and neither does Forest but we filled out brackets last year and made silly little bets – Something along the lines of: if Forest won, he got a massage from me; if I won, Forest did the dishes for a week.

Forest came home from work on Monday with empty brackets for each of us and I got all giddy inside wondering what I would bet this year.  My wise husband wanted to up-the-ante this year so our bet is less silly.

Winner gets final decision in our first family dog.

Loser gets to name our first family dog.

[editor’s note: the winner does not get to pick whatever dog he/she chooses.  we both get to meet and play with all dogs being considered.  the winner simply gets final decision.]

I was nervous at first so I took to Facebook for some advice.  All friends agreed that I should take the bet.  Zero friends offered any bracket advice! [Thanks guys.]  So I spent all of last night filling out my bracket in the hopes of actually winning this year!

Our brackets are mostly the same except for the West.  Forest thinks that will be the deciding division.

Forest has Michigan State going all the way:





I initially chose Michigan State but switched last minute to Arizona (I’m not sure why, just a gut feeling…):





We shook on our bet this evening after dinner so there’s no turning back!

Let the Madness begin!

How did you fill out your bracket?  Any tips/tricks or just guessing like us?  Do have any bets, silly or serious?

Until next time — Cindy


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