High Five for Friday

Check, check.  Check, 1, 2, 3 , 4.

I’m just testing the microphone.  Making sure it’s not broken since we’ve been silent on here for a whole week.  Yikes.  Speaking of checking a microphone, I remember doing that, with my brother and best friends, for our dads when they ran sound at church.  Ah.. to be 8 and the highlight of your week was testing the microphones and having wheelchair races through the hallways at church (not that we did that 2nd part, of course not).

Back to the point!  We’ve been M.I.A. for good reasons, I promise.  If you caught my quick post last Friday (here) then you’ll know we closed on our house last week.  And we’ve been feverishly painting and updating the eat-in-kitchen so we can move in!  I told you it was a good reason. 

So here’s my high-fives!

1.  Things are definitely coming along well in the house!  The only areas we wanted to change were 2 bedrooms and the eat-in-kitchen.  As of last night we have both bedrooms painted (and they look beautiful) and 70% of the kitchen done.  That’s just my guess and I could be way off from what Forest thinks.  The kitchen has had: wallpaper removed, walls patched and primed, wood trim painted white, cabinet doors and frames sanded, and half of the wainscoting installed below the chair rail.  (I know I have posted zero pictures but I will soon and you’ll have a better understanding of the work this required).


2.  We slept at the house over the weekend.  We had painting sessions that ran up to/past midnight so we crashed on an air mattress Friday and Saturday nights.  Good news: the neighborhood is quiet at night, barking dogs didn’t wake us up earlier than we wanted, and the water was hot the whole time I was in the shower.

3.  Forest’s parents have been here all week helping at the house.  They’ve been so helpful while we’ve both been at work.  Plus, they’re pretty good company to have around.  We love it when they come out to visit.

4.  Our little nephew-on-the-way is doing well!  I got to see 4-D ultrasound pictures and he has the chubbiest cheeks!  Seriously adorable!

5.  I joined a wellness challenge at work today.  It’s a company-wide challenge (and our company is worldwide) that has teams of co-workers walking from Amsterdam to Zakynthos, Greece [2000 miles] over the next 8 weeks.  No, we won’t actually be in Europe – bummer – but each team tracks the number of steps they take everyday and logs them into a system that converts the steps to miles.  So every team that walks the 2000 miles combined gets a prize/reward.  Along the way we’ll be getting facts of the town/area that we’re ‘walking’ through at that time.  I just need to gets my hands on a pedometer this weekend so I can accurately track my steps.  It sounds kind of silly but our company is in the medical field therefore they really promote health and wellness.  I enjoy walking but I notice I sit for too many hours straight at work.  Hopefully this will get me up more often – trips to the water fountain that’s farther away a couple more times a day at least.

So that’s my week!

What are your high-fives this week?  Or what are you looking forward to this weekend/next week?


Until next time — Cindy


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