Instagrammed – 1/4 of 2014

April is here, spring is almost in the air, the sun rises a little bit earlier, and sets just a little bit later.

We are 1/4 done with 2014 and I thought it would be good to break up the lack of posting with a look back at the year so far – as seen from the lens of my camera!


Colts football, snow days working at home together, Sidewalk Prophets concert at church, pretty sunsets, and catching my mileage at fun numbers.



Superbowl Boulevard in NYC, Superbowl game (Broncos vs Seahawks), Valentine’s Day, our snowman Norman, and celebrating a friend’s birthday with dinner and line dancing.



Yeeeeha license plate (in NJ), green bagels for St. Patty’s Day, Marion High School basketball, and Pi Day {3.14}.


A walk through a meadow, found a new favorite ice cream flavor, bought a house, and enjoying the remodeling process.



There have obviously been other amazing moments so far this year but they don’t all get Instagrammed.  I should definitely work on changing that – I need to up my Instagram game!   They would include, Forest announcing he’ll be going back to school, our NCAA tournament brackets and the bet we made, and more/any pictures of the house (I promise they’re coming! I literally can’t find the time to get them off of my camera.)

To sum up these past three months in just one word is simple – blessed.


Until next time — Cindy


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