high five for friday

We have had a jam-packed week of all things house related which is good because we’re going to move in tomorrow!  EEK!

I was so happy that nobody played an April Fool’s Day joke on me this week.  I considered getting Forest but I remembered on my drive home from work and it was too late for my brain to scheme up anything.  I hear that my brother, Leon, had a good one played on him though.  (Good job, Shelby!!)

But I’m here to share my high-five’s of this week:

1.  We saw the movie “God’s Not Dead” on Friday night and I would highly recommend it.  I don’t think it’s playing in every theater but it seems to be opening in more theaters every week.  Find one near you, asap!

2.  Shout-out to the best-husband-ever who spent 2 hours BEFORE work yesterday to finish priming the cabinets.  He probably deserves a double high-five, seriously.  So thankful for that guy.

3.  We went to IKEA for the first time .ever. over the weekend.  It’s a magical place… We were pricing bookshelves but I probably could have bought the whole store right then and there.  We found more than bookshelves, obviously.  The items we do need that we found and could possibly go back to purchase are: furniture (living room & family room couch/love-seat/chair), area rugs, a comfy office chair, laundry room organizers, a bed frame, an entryway bench and coat hanger, and a shower curtain.  Good thing I Forest has self-control or we will go broke during our next visit.

4.  It’s not official since there isn’t an NCAA tournament champion yet but… my bracket is winning!  Forest informed me last night (while priming kitchen cabinet doors) that he was already thinking of names our future dog.  Yay!  Now we just have to find the time to attempt to adopt a dog.

2014_03_18_0742 2014_03_18_0736

5.  We have our own washer and dryer!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to do laundry at our own house.  We don’t have to plan a trip to the laundromat or save all of our quarters anymore!


We have a busy weekend ahead of us!  Like I said before, we’re moving into our house tomorrow morning.  We have a 1st birthday party to attend in the afternoon.  Cable and internet are being installed tomorrow afternoon, too.  We’re going to start painting the kitchen cabinets.  We need to visit some furniture stores to find a couch for our living room (the couch from our apartment is too big for the upstairs at the house so it will be going to the basement).

And my parents will be gracing us with their presence starting Wednesday or Thursday.  Forest’s parents just left Monday morning, after a week of helping with the kitchen remodel and 2 rounds of Euchre.  I love that our families come to visit us.  It makes my heart happy.

Happy Friday to you all!  Have a fantastic weekend!


Until next time — Cindy


*all images original to A View from the Shore



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