Happy Hump Day

Let me tell you why it’s a happy hump day for us:

First, it’s my mother-in-laws birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM THE TWO OF US IN NEW JERSEY)!

Second, my parents will be arriving in approximately 5 1/2-6 hours for their 10 day visit!

Third, tonight will be the last night we have to do any major painting sessions!  We will be putting the second coat of paint on the kitchen cabinet doors and I couldn’t agree with Forest more when he exclaimed the other night “I will not be picking up a paint brush for the next 15 years!”  We all know he was joking though.  I mean, we just bought a house, of course we’re going to be painting something in the next year.

Fourth, (and this isn’t technically today’s news but) I won the bet!  I don’t know where our brackets were placed during the move (I think they were tossed in a random bin as we were hauling loads of things to the house) so I don’t know the the final points for each of us but I do know that the only way Forest could pull off a win was if Michigan State won the championship.  They did not.  I don’t know if I’m more excited to get the final say in the puppy we get or more worried about the name Forest might choose to name our puppy.  Hmm…

Fifth, (this one just popped in my head as I was typing) we are 1 day closer to meeting our nephew!  I don’t want to rush him or anything, he still has 5-ish more weeks of baking to do, but I’m so excited!

That sounds like a day for the record books if you ask me.

Side note – I have all of the pictures of the empty house on the computer.  The computer is still at the apartment though.  So…. whenever we decide to stop back by the apartment to get the rest of our belongings, I’ll whip up a cute little post packed with pictures of the house.  I’ll even be able to do shots from the day we closed and how it looks currently.  BIG difference in the eat-in-kitchen, let me tell ya.  Which reminds me that our couch for the living room is being delivered tomorrow!  *happy dance*

Enough rambling… Have a happy hump day!!


Until next time — Cindy


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