High Five for Friday

I personally can’t believe it’s already Friday, or April 11th, but I’m glad that it is.  I hope the weekend decides to slow-it-down a bit for us.

Here are my high-fives for this week:

1.  We officially moved into the house over the weekend!!  We are beyond thankful for helpful friends who took time out of their Saturday afternoon to lug all of our heavy stuff from the apartment.  And for Forest’s co-worker who had a box truck that we could borrow – he fit all of our big stuff in the truck like it was nobody’s business!

moving day moving day 2

2.  We bought a couch for the living room on Sunday afternoon.  It was delivered yesterday and our bums are happy about it.  Here she is right after the delivery guys dropped her off!

new couch

Yes, we do need a new rug.  This one will do for now. :)

3.  My parents got here Wednesday evening!  I’m so happy they were able to come out.  We’re putting them to work next week – unpacking and touch-ups are waiting for them. :)

4.  We are officially D.O.N.E. with any major painting… for now.  Just don’t tell Forest.  We finished the 2nd coat on the kitchen cabinet doors Wednesday night.  The paint we used (Advanced by Benjamin Moore) requires 3-5 days drying after the final coat of paint before re-installing the doors.  The paint is made for cabinets, or anything that could get a lot of wear-and-tear, which leaves me hopeful that they will hold up for years to come.  So we’ll probably get to hang the doors at the beginning of next week.  We definitely need to get some pretty hardware first though.


5.  I saw the bridesmaid’s dress I’ll be wearing in just a few months!  I was super sad I couldn’t join for the trying-on part of the festivities (who doesn’t like trying on dresses with their girlfriends??) but I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming wedding of one of my best friends.  I do get to try on the dress when I go to order it so that’ll be fun!  (ps- <100 days!!!)

And since we’re on the topic of weddings, here’s a quick CONGRATULATIONS shout out to one of Forest’s best friend’s on his engagement this week!  Yay!

Until next time — Cindy


all images original to A View from the Shore


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