Eight Days Later

AS PROMISED I have pictures of the house!!  We’ve been living here for 8 days so I’m doing a then and now type post.  You’ll see pictures of the empty house from the day we closed + pictures from 8 days after we moved in.

Let the picture parade begin!

Closing Day:


closing day

Living room on closing day:

closing - LR1 closing - LR2

Living room yesterday:

We didn’t paint the wall, it just changes with the lighting in the room.  The pretty couch is new, though.  Some things we want to change – bigger area rug, pictures and decorations on the wall, a sofa table behind the couch for keys and mail, a coat rack of some sort, and shoe storage.

8 days later - LR1 8 days later - LR2


Den when we closed:

closing - den1closing - den2

Den yesterday:

Full of full boxes – practically a holding zone for everything until it gets unpacked.  We plan to turn this room into a library/office.  We’re planning on a wall of shelves + desk where the entertainment center is now and a comfy chair or love seat + a fluffy ottoman in front of the window.

8 days later - den 1 8 days later - den2

Kitchen on closing day:

Lovely wallpaper and cream+yellow cabinets.  Yes, the sellers did leave packages of different flavored tuna in the refrigerator for us.

closing - kitchen1 closing - kitchen2 closing - kitchen3closing -refrigerator


Kitchen yesterday:

So far we have removed the wallpaper (THANK YOU to the in-laws), painted the walls, installed and painted wainscoting, painted the trim, and primed and painted all of the cabinet frames and doors.  We just bought all of the hardware that we (THANK YOU to my parents) installed today.  The boxes behind the table are all unpacked now, too, because the cabinet doors are all back on!  Yay!  I can’t show pictures yet because Forest is in Atlanta for work.  He wants there to be a reveal when he gets home, like the shows on TLC that remodel rooms overnight.  Maybe I should record that!  The only major thing that’s left to do is painting the pantry doors white.

8 days later - kitchen1 8 days later - kitchen2


Master bedroom on closing day:

closing-master bedroom

Master bedroom yesterday:

Obviously a tornado has gone through this area of the house.  Nothing has been done yet.  We didn’t paint because we like the color of the walls.  We just need to sand the patched holes and paint that small area.  We think the furniture might get shuffled around (you can’t see my long dresser just to the right of this shot).

8 days later - master bedroom


Master bathroom on closing day:

closing -master bath1 closing -master bath2 closing -master bath3

Master bath yesterday:

The only thing we’ve done in here is add a shower curtain.  We like the color and LOVE the shower [Hello waterfall shower head].

8 days later - master bath


Small bedroom on closing day:

closing - small bedroom

Small bedroom yesterday:

This is a different angle but you get the idea.  We painted the lime green a lovely “Honey Toast” and we love it.

8 days later - small bedroom


Second bedroom on closing day:

closing - 2nd bedroom closing -2nd bedroom

Second bedroom yesterday:

We painted the walls “Revere Pewter” by Benjamin Moore.  The closet frame and inside of the closet are on the to-do list.  As of today, the cabinets are gone and the drop-cloths have been folded and put away!

8 days later-2nd bedroom 8 days later -2nd bedroom


Guest bathroom on closing day:

closing - guest bath1 closing - guest bath2

Guest bath yesterday:

We bought a shower curtain and called it done.  The wire rack above the toilet is from our apartment and just happened to be the same finish as the faucet and shower hardware – score!

8 days later - guest bath1 8 days later - guest bath2


Basement on closing day:

closing - basement1 closing - basement2 closing -basement3

Basement yesterday:

I tried to get similar angles but it doesn’t look like I did very well..  You get the idea.  The couch from our apartment wouldn’t fit upstairs so it came down here and we love it.  The basement isn’t organized or decorated yet.  This is going to mostly be Forest’s space – the PlayStation will be down here & Cardinals things will be covering every inch of the walls.  Forest said I could rent a little bit of floor space for the craft table (you can see it back behind the couch in the last picture). ha. :)

2014_04_13_1169 2014_04_13_1170 2014_04_13_1171


The other half of the basement on closing day:

closing - basement

The other half of the basement yesterday:

Boxes + laundry.

8 days later - basement


And a few outside pictures:

The front-

outside front1 outside front2

Our massive deck, pool, and shed-

outside1 outside3 outside2


There you have it!  The cabinets were put back together today and some of the boxes have been emptied so we’re getting there!  I can’t wait to start decorating and really enjoy living here.  We’ll always have little projects to work on, I’m sure, but now that all of the major things are done we can spend our evenings sitting in front of the tv or having friends over for dinner instead of painting. :)

Until next time — Cindy


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