High Five for Friday

Yesterday was not Friday.  But today is!

Here are five top moments this week:

1.  Husband comes home tonight!  He’s been on a business trip in Atlanta for the week and I’ve missed him.  (See you soon!)

2.  Our kitchen is b.e.a.utiful.  We still need to decorate but all of the boxes are unpacked, clutter is gone, drawers are lined, doors are replaced, knobs & handles are attached, and the pantry is stocked.  It’s a fully functioning kitchen and I love it!  I simply cannot say thank you enough to all of our helpful and supportive family and friends for removing wallpaper & painting, helping us move, and reattaching doors & unpacking boxes.  You’ve all been such blessings!

3.  Today is Good Friday and, in remembering that, I am thankful for the sacrifice Christ made for me, for all of us, and for His presence in my life today.

4.  Today is the last day of my parent’s visit but I’ve 100% enjoyed having them here this week.  This is probably one of their most low-key trips but the memories will last a lifetime.

parents April 2014

5.  A few of us at work ordered in Chinese for lunch yesterday, and even though I got the worst fortune ever, the food (and company) was great.

fortune cookie


finally posted pictures of the house – you can check those out here.

Happy Easter!


Until next time — Cindy


All images original to A View from the Shore.



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