Kitchen Cabinets – DONE

Kitchen update!  Since Forest was out of town while my parents helped me hang the kitchen cabinet doors, I wasn’t able to post any pictures of the finished kitchen.  Until now!

Here are a few shots I just took the day we finished hanging everything (the lighting was perfect, the counters were still messy):

finished kitch cabinet5

finished kitch cabinet6


Here are a few shots I just took tonight (counters a little better but the lighting was bleh [I’m still learning how to edit my images]):finished kitch cabinet4

finished kitch cabinets1

finished kitch cabinet2

finished kitch cabinet3Not to toot our own horns or anything but they look pretty darn good!  Never-ever would I have imagined we would be painting kitchen cabinets or picking out hardware but we did it!  We debated 6-10 different shades of white paint and bought 4-5 different styles of handles and knobs but we did it!

Here is a quick refresher of what the kitchen looked like when we closed:


8 days after we moved in (probably 2 weeks after we closed):

8 days later - kitchen1

And tonight:

finished kitch cabinets1

I feel like we’re full of advice if anyone is looking to re-do their kitchen cabinets!

We’re still considering adding crown molding around the ceiling, we still need to paint the pantry doors, and we need to fill all the walls around the dining room table.  This side of the room has come a looong way though and we’re loving it!

Until next time — Cindy


*all images original to A View from the Shore



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