High Five For Friday

1.  We were able to do some yard/lawn stuff over the weekend.  The weather was gorgeous so we put together the lawn mower, cut the grass, and spread some feed and weed in the front and back yards.  Hopefully with all the rain we’ve been having our grass will be nice and lush (that’s Forest’s favorite way to describe lawns).  Speaking of rain, how beautiful is this rainbow we saw on Saturday?!

April 2014 Rainbow over house

Forest called me on his way home from getting tools at the apartment (so we could hang some picture frames in the house) and said “There is a huge rainbow right now.  I can see both ends!  I’m driving though, I gotta go.  I love you, bye.”  Gorgeous.

2.  Men’s church softball started up again and they’ve played the past 2 Mondays.  Although I haven’t made it to a game yet (boo deadlines and year end…) I know Forest is excited to be playing again.

3.  Discipleship home groups picked back up again this week.  We started a new book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  After reading chapter 1 and talking it over on Tuesday all I can think is wow – and that doesn’t even come close to explaining it all.  The chapter was titled Stop Praying and we were reminded of how amazing God truly is and that he created us for Him.  Yes, God cares about us and our needs but we need to spend more time worshiping Him!

4.  As of Wednesday we are done with the apartment (even though they forgot to send the guy over to do our move-out inspection and Forest was missing work for it).  And Forest baked some of the best cookies ever Wednesday night!  I enjoyed listening to his explanation of baking the cookies in the kitchen – he likes having enough room to whip up a batch of cookies on the island while preparing dinner at the same time.  I must admit, it’s pretty nice having more than 4 feet to move around and a pantry that’s 2 steps away instead of 10.

5.  I’ve been told that our nephew will be welcomed into the world by May 12 at the latest, assuming he doesn’t want to make an appearance before that.  I’m so excited to meet the little guy and spoil him rotten!  We’re going to be the aunt and uncle that sneak him candy when he shouldn’t have any, keeping him up past his bedtime to watch one more Disney movie, and teaching him how to play baseball.  We can’t wait to meet you, Chansler!

In other news, we successfully cleaned up the little bit of water in the basement from the unbelievable amount of rain we received in just 24 hours.  And tonight we dumped some dirt near the foundation of the house, graded it away from the walls, cleaned out the gutters, and trimmed a couple rose bushes in the backyard (ouch).  While we were at Lowe’s, I browsed around in the garden area and considered dabbling in gardening.  We have several bushes around the house but it would be fun to see some color too.  We’ll see.

Our ‘Walk to End Lupus Now’ event is tomorrow morning!  We’re going to grab bagels at place nearby, catch the 7:30 am train into NYC, make our way to South Street for the 9:45 opening comments and start our 5k walk at 10:00 am.  I’ll be sure to follow-up with how our morning goes!

Until next time — Cindy



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