High Five for Friday

This has been a week of getting back into the swing of things.  After a week at home spending time with family, we weren’t necessarily ready to go back to work.  But we did and we survived!  And to top it all off – we got free beach bags that unzip into beach mats with an inflatable pillow at work today for being 60 days accident free!  Just in time for summer!

Here are our top moments from this week:

1. FOREST FINISHED FIRST WEEK OF GRAD SCHOOL!  If I haven’t said it already, I’m proud of that man.

2.  Last night Forest yelled that he was eating a bagel for breakfast in the morning, not realizing that I was standing right beside him.  And after we were done laughing hysterically, he proceeded to spit out the milk he was drinking because I laughed at the thought of him yelling at me.  It was seriously so funny.  And totally one of those “I guess you had to be there” things but I haven’t laughed that much in a while.  Well maybe since last week when we were at lunch with both of our parents and I asked my dad “Did you or Rusty (my uncle) work with Ronnie’s dad?” and my dad looked at me and very matter-of-factly said “Ryan.”   I had NO idea what he was talking about and he was confused because I didn’t mean to say Ronnie, I meant to say Megan.  Just thinking about it makes me giggle.  I’m just thankful for laughter.

3.  I really, really enjoyed our 2 mile run Wednesday night.  We just ran around our neighborhood.  I don’t know why I enjoyed it so much but it just felt really good.  I wasn’t sore and I felt like I had my act together.  Maybe I looked like an actual runner!  Weird.  I know.  But it was fun!

4.  We finally met some neighbors this week.  We noticed that there were a lot of people gathering up and down our street and there were 2 police officers when we started our run on Wednesday.  We passed them a couple times (a guy from one of the groups shouted how far we were going while I tried to sound like I wasn’t struggling to breathe and answered “about one and a half miles”) and while we were stretching in the driveway afterward, our neighbors from across the street came over.  They introduced themselves and warned us that the family 2 houses down had been robbed sometime during the day.  I can’t even imagine!  We chatted with them for another 30 minutes or so and they seem really nice.  They offered to help plant some flowers (when Forest spilled the beans that I don’t have a green thumb) and said if we needed anything to just knock on the door.

5.  PUPPIES!  We’re going to the Monmouth County SPCA adoption center in Freehold to hopefully meet some puppies tonight!  I think it would be fantastic if we fell in love with a puppy to bring home tonight but I’m trying to be realistic.  So this could be the first of many trips to shelter and SPCA locations around the area but I’m hopeful.  And really excited!  I had a dream that we had a yellow lab the other night so maybe that means something… Haha.

Wow.. All of that and not a single picture!  I’m pretty proud of myself!  If you do want to get your share of pictures, hop on over to this post full of close-up newborn shots and some normal-looking family pictures.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend.  We’ll be celebrating with a cookout at our house – the first one ever!  I’m pretty excited about having people over, not about cleaning before they come though.  It should be fun nonetheless.  We still need to buy a grill (a must if you’re going to host a cookout) and we don’t have patio furniture for our deck so we just asked everyone to bring their own.  B.Y.O.C.!  We do have a 2-person swing and a bonfire pit so that’s all we really need anyway.  Maybe we’ll try to watch the Indy 500 on Sunday too.  Just throwing it out there even though it’s a long shot because I think the Cardinals game is on tv that day.

Don’t forget to thank our United States armed forces – past and present!


Until next time — Cindy


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