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Please enjoy this pictures from a (Saturday-in-March) walk through a park nearby while I throw type out my thoughts.  Feel free to skip the words and just enjoy the pictures if you need to get through it.

We went to Tatum Park in Middletown one Saturday after Forest returned from a trip to Atlanta.  We just strolled along the trails, stopped to enjoy the views every once in awhile, and just talked.


Besides the ramblings of our weeks and our weekends, I want to use this little blog to record what is going on in our lives.  Yes, I want to keep our families and friends updated on what’s happening over here on the shore.  But this is a little diary of sorts.  In the midst of our sometimes chaotic lives, I find it might help to have this journal of the things we do, the places we see, the little things that make us smile.


We will be able to look back at our big vacations, our family visits, birthday celebrations, Friday evening dinners with friends, and Saturday strolls through a meadow.  Seeing a picture on this blog will bring alive vivid memories.  (For example, looking at these pictures I remember that a tree fell over exactly where we had been walking 2 minutes prior!)



I’ve always been sentimental (my mom calls it being a pack-rat and that I take after my dad).  Whatever term you use, I love keeping little keepsakes or reminders of favorite moments in time.  I suppose I won’t have to be such a ‘pack-rat’ of material things if I can write about and share our experiences (and 10 quadrillion pictures) on this little slice of the internet.


Let’s be honest with each other… I can’t be the only one who takes 7 thousand pictures during a walk through the park and leave them just sitting on the computer.  Now I have an excuse to share a fraction of those pictures while I weave some words around them!  I can let the pictures do more of the talking.


I do want to share some of day-to-day happenings, but I also want our travels and experiences as well.  I think I’d like to regularly post about the outings we go on, the good restaurants we’ve tried in the area, the hotel we stayed at on our trip to x-destination and what we did while we stayed.


Let’s look at it as a way to keep memories, thoughts and just some fun all in one place! It can be for others to enjoy but also for Forest and I to enjoy and be able to look back at years from now!


I guess what I’m saying is that I hope our posts are more than just ‘check out what we did this week’ and more ‘we did this and you should/shouldn’t try it the next time you’re in the area because…’.  After all, we made the 700 mile move from Indiana to New Jersey, the least we could do is give all of our loved ones a reason to keep coming back!


So that’s my two-cents about why I’m sharing things like High Five for Friday, our home buying experience, and our Saturday walk through a meadow.  And thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for following along!

I want to post with more regularity.  I want to take more pictures.  I want us to try new restaurants and visit new areas nearby.  So when we do, I’ll make sure to take the time to blog, even it’s just so we remember.


Until next time — Cindy



*all images original to A View from the Shore


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