High Five for Friday + Weekend

So I missed High Five for Friday.  I didn’t have a lot of things going on (I actually had a half-day off from work), I just forgot.  And then the day got away from me.  And then Saturday and Sunday did too.  But I’m here to share now!  Plus I’ll add our weekend happenings as well, since I’m sure everyone is curious.

1.  I volunteered, through work, at a local food bank Tuesday afternoon.  Sorting donated food, loading a cart, and then unloading it in a different area.  It was a nice break from the office and volunteering always feels good.

2.  Forest came home from (hopefully his last trip to) Atlanta on Thursday.  I left work at 5, grabbed Starbucks, drove the parkway all the way to Newark Airport, stopped at the gas station inside the airport (bathroom break), Forest called to say that he was waiting for me as I pulled into the gas station, I picked him up (after I did a couple circles trying to get to his terminal), and we zipped home!  Just kidding!  We hit rush-hour traffic and it took us just over an hour to get home…  but we got Wendy’s on the way and stuffed our faces as soon as we walked in the door.

3.  I mentioned last week that work was offering summer hours (read that here if you’re interested) so Friday was my half-day.  I worked 7am-11am and it was amazing.  My commute home was only 25 minutes (versus 40-45 minutes when I leave at 5pm)!  And to top it off, Forest worked the 2nd half of his day from home so, even though he was on conference calls, we were near each other (which I greatly appreciated after not seeing him for practically a whole week).  I didn’t do anything spectacular.  It was cloudy and there was a chance of storms all day so I made lunch for both of us, made a cheese-ball, did some laundry, ran some errands, took a nap (I was exhausted tired since I was up at 5:30 am), and then went to Ladies’ night.

4.  These beautiful flowers from my amazing husband.  I posted a little diddy about it here if you want to take a look.  I love that man!

5.  Our friend accepted our offer of “free entertainment center if you have a way of transporting it” and on Tuesday evening, her dad and uncle came with a van and hauled away the entertainment center that the previous owners had left for us.  It is a beautiful entertainment center but we didn’t want a TV in the den and it wouldn’t fit anywhere else in the house.  We had considered selling it online but the thought of some stranger coming to our house didn’t feel right.  So we asked all of our friends and the neighbors across the street and nobody wanted it.  Until, during our Memorial Day cookout, one of our friends said she could probably use it if it wasn’t too big for her apartment.  A few texts with the dimensions and we were scheduling a time for its removal.  And now our den has a big, blank wall waiting for bookcases!


And now for our weekend:

I mentioned in #3 above that I went to ladies night.  A huge storm let loose as I was driving there and the flash flooding wasn’t fun to drive through but I made it there and everyone loved the cheese-ball I made (I even had a request to bring it to a cookout this week, so thank you Megan [in Indiana] for the wonder recipe!).  We had a wonderful potluck dinner and fellowship.  I love these ladies’ nights.  I ducked out soon after dinner.  Not to be all lovey-dovey but I missed my husband.  So I went home and we watched tv the rest of the evening – How to Train your Dragon + the beginning of X-Men – how romantic. ;)

Saturday morning we went for a run.  I was totally awesome cramping and we didn’t finish the whole run.  Oops.

But we packed a lunch and our beach towels and headed to Sandy Hook for the afternoon.


The waves seemed so big.  Forest was absolutely amused just watching the surfers.  I’ll admit that I was too.  We ate lunch, laid out, Forest took a dip (I only dipped my toes), walked along the beach, played some paddle ball, watched the waves, collected a few rocks/pebbles, read a little bit of our books, continued to lay out, Forest dug a hole that was as deep as his arm-length, and then we knocked the sand off of our feet and piled back in the car.  We got Rita’s on our way home,


made pizza for dinner, and started the crock pot with buffalo chicken dip.  Stopped at Pep Boys for windshield wipers + headlights (because I’m sure y’all wanted to know about that too) on our way to Red Box where we rented The Monuments Men (I would recommend watching it – WWII, based on a true story, good stuff) and devoured the buffalo chicken dip while watching the movie in the basement.

Sunday was Father’s Day so after church we didn’t do much until we chatted with my family (parents + Leon, Shelby, and Chansler) and almost immediately after chatted with Forest’s folks.  We grilled burgers and hot dogs for dinner, cleaned the kitchen floors, took a walk to the mailbox and around the neighborhood, and while Forest worked on school stuff I did some more laundry.

Don’t we live absolutely exciting lives?!  I realize that we don’t but this weekend was the epitome of “just what I needed.”

I hope you had one of those weekends too!  But if you didn’t, I hope you found 10 minutes to relax and enjoy where you are.

Until next time — Cindy


*all images are original to a view from the shore

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