Thoughts on things

Happy Thursday!  I’ve had a couple thoughts lately so I’m here to share.

+We had family roll in last night.  They’ve been in NYC all day today and will be doing the same tomorrow.  We love having company, it’s always exciting to have family stop in.  But for some reason, the realization that they’re our first not-our-parents guests staying with us in the house made me feel old(er).  It happens, life goes on.  We’ll welcome more visitors as they come and I’m sure I’ll continue to feel older each time.

+Owning a pool kinda stinks.  Well at least the figuring out how to get it worthy of swimming stinks.  A lot.  Forest has been slaving away at getting it running for a week now and we can just now kinda-sorta see all the gunk on the bottom of the pool.  He’s currently at Lowe’s buying a pool vacuum so we can remove said gunk.  We’ll get it ready soon but geesh it’s been irritating so far.

+Being in a different state than a little baby nephew and family with health stuff happening is rough.  A phone call, text, or Google+ hangout will never replace the hug you want to give someone.

+We have less than 1 week until July and frankly, I’m not ready for it.  Father Time (and/or Mother Nature, I’m not sure who would handle this problem) needs to put on the brakes because, even though we have a lot of cools trips planned, I don’t want summer to be gone in the blink of an eye.

+With that being said, we have a couple cool trips planned this summer that I’ve totally been looking forward to!!!  IN for a wedding (in 2 weeks!), a weekend in Boston with friends, a weekend in Baltimore for baseball, a One Republic concert, etc.

+My husband is awesome.  And I don’t tell him nearly enough.

+I really need to work on our meal planning better.  We’ve been running around with busy schedules after work and have only had half-decent meals the past couple of weeks.  My goal is to plan ahead better.  For two reasons: 1.  so we don’t waste time debating what’s for dinner every night and 2. so our food doesn’t spoil in the fridge before we use it (mainly our veggies).  I’m feeling guilty so I’m putting my meal-planning panties on (similar to big-girl panties) and doing it!

+We still need to assemble the 2 of 5 IKEA bookcases we lugged home over the weekend.  Who knows when we’ll ever get around to it.  Soon.  We’ll get to it soon!!

+I started a gallery wall of pictures frames down our hallway but I broke one in the process of hanging the frames on the walls.  And it was an oblong/weird-shaped one so I’m on the hunt for a replacement.  I also discovered that one of the frames I wanted to use has no means of actually hanging on the wall.  Therefore, I’m on the hunt for a similar sized one, since there’s already a space in the collage for that specific size.  Not only that, but I want to ADD MORE!  It looks so pretty how it is right now but more would be even better.  Wish me luck!

+we have an adorable bunny living under our deck/in our backyard and I love him!  He is in the feature image above.  We had a bunny living under our window at the apartment and I named him Bunny Foofoo. I can’t think of a better or more appropriate name for this bunny so it will also be called Bunny Foofoo.

Well that’s all I got for right now.  Believe you me, there’s more things drifting around in this noggin’ of mine but those are the things floating on the surface.

Until next time — Cindy


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