High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!! It’s the last Friday in June and I can’t believe it… Before I jump into my high fives I have to mention that I’ve been summoned for jury duty later this summer. First time, ever. And before Forest who has lived in New Jersey 6 months longer than me! Sheesh.

Ok, here goes our high fives for this week.

1. As of 8:30 pm this evening, I have deemed our pool officially OPEN! I took a sample of water to the pool store around the corner for the second time this week (hello free water analysis) and the ph and alkalinity levels were spot on but I told the guy the water was cloudy. He suggested using a clarifier so after consulting with Forest, I grabbed some off the shelf, swiped my card and squirted some in the pool as soon as I got home. I might have used a smidge more than the directions said BUT the cloudiness is gone. Pool open!

2. We had our first guests stay with us this week. They’re headed home in the morning. They’ve spent the past 2 days in NYC (while we were both at work…) but we’ve loved having them.

3. I had a half day today (thank you, summer hours at work) and even though I had errands and laundry, I still managed to lay out in the backyard for a couple hours.

4. We are just over 2 weeks away from our friend’s, Megan and Ronnie’s, wedding! I can’t wait! (Even though I can’t find shoes that I want to wear and I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m doing with my hair. Details…)

5. We went to the Rascal Flatts concert Sunday night. I love love love Rascal Flatts! It was a perfect evening, too. We had lawn seats so we sprawled out on our tiny blanket (mental note: grab another blanket next time). We managed to pick the perfect spot next to 2 other couples who weren’t rowdy, making out, or drunk. I only wish Rascal Flatts had played more than 2.5 songs from their newest cd, Rewind. Oh well, I had a great time like always.

I hope your week was chock full ‘o goodness! Have a splendid weekend!

Until next time — Cindy


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