High Five for Friday

Let’s start this Friday with a big ‘ole HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA!  We’re getting ready to host a July 4th cookout with some of our closest pals but I couldn’t let today slip by without a high five for Friday post.  So here we go!

1.  Last weekend was phenomenal.  Busy but phenomenal.  And I apologize for the lack of pictures.  I was busy making memories.  We spent all of Saturday at the beach.  I’m talking, we left the house at 11am (after our guests left) and didn’t walk back through the doors until close to 9pm.  Our church’s radio station was holding their annual Bridge Fest in Ocean Grove, NJ.  This was actually the first year we were able to go and I wish we could have gone sooner.  There was a concert Friday night (Jeremy Camp!) that we missed but heard that it was so, so amazing.  And then Saturday there were multiple teachers/preachers throughout the morning and afternoon followed by an ocean baptism at 5pm.  We spent the whole day on the beach with our friends (a couple dips in the ocean, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee [for the guys], reading, snacks, and good conversation) and then watched the baptisms.

CCOB Bridgefest baptisms

photo courtesy of CCOB’s Facebook page.

We grabbed dinner with our friend, Rachele, at Fins.  I had “the Green Room” burrito and I wasn’t disappointed.  Maybe I was just famished but this burrito was the bomb.

2.  Sunday after church we spent some time stuffing our faces and swimming before heading to Asbury Park with a group of friends for a walk along the boardwalk and dinner at Old Man Rafferty’s.  Delicious food, beautiful sunset, shared ice cream, and amazing friends.

Forest at Asbury June 2014 FCR at Asbury June 2014 girls at Asbury June 2014

3.  Inaugural swims 1 & 2 in our pool happened this week!  On Saturday evening, after we got home from the beach and dinner, Forest and I hopped in the pool, swam from one side to the other and hopped back out.  The water was cold, to say the least, but I was determined to swim and since we already had our suits on it just made sense!  So Tuesday night was our second official swim but our first swim that was longer than 2 minutes.  Forest spent 95% of the time vacuuming the bottom and then catching all of the leaves and dirt he could with the net.  There wasn’t that much, to be honest, but he was in his happy place so I just splashed him with water.  :)  I took full advantage of the warm summer evening and the cool pool water though.

second swim June 2014

4.  I love, love (love!) getting pictures/seeing pictures on Facebook and Instagram of our sweet nephew, Chansler.

Chansler June 2014 Chansler June 2014-2 Chansler tummy time June 2014

Could there be a cuter baby?!  No, the answer is no!  And he will be 2 months old on Monday!  I can’t wait to cuddle that munchkin next week!

5.  I’ve been searching high and low for shoes that I could wear for Megan and Ronnie’s wedding (NEXT WEEKEND!!).  I didn’t find any that I liked so I had almost resorted to borrowing a pair of shoes from a co-worker (she brought them into work and I brought them home on Wednesday) when I made one last stop at a DSW during lunch yesterday and found a super cute pair on clearance for $12!!  I couldn’t believe it!  I grabbed a couple pairs of earrings while I was at it, they were on clearance too.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Proud to be an American — Cindy



*images of Chansler via my mom and Shelby’s facebook pages.  thanks guys!




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