Put Your Phone Away

I saw this on Pinterest the other day:

put the phone away

(I couldn’t find the original source and I’m not sure about the website on the bottom…)


We were at the Rascal Flatts concert a couple weekends ago and I was on my phone adjusting the settings on the camera so I could get a decent picture (contrast down 2, exposure up 1 and back up again, etc) when Forest whispers in my ear from behind “Why don’t you just put the camera away and enjoy the concert?”


I knew he was right but I had to get an amazing shot for Instagram and Facebook, didn’t I?  We’ve been to enough concerts (especially Rascal Flatts) that I didn’t need to get a perfect picture.  I was trying to capture a memory with my camera instead of making a memory that just Forest and I would remember.

But this is where it gets tricky.  Maybe.  I love taking pictures.  I love capturing those moments in time.  But when I think back to some of my fondest memories – birthday parties, sleepovers, bonfires, family vacations, snowball fights, softball games, church picnics, concerts, county fairs, camping trips, amusement parks, etc., etc. – I didn’t have a fancy cell phone to take a thousand pictures of all of those moments but they were some of the best times.

I’m still having the best time in life right now but I get caught up in “oh, let me take a picture because I might want to remember this someday.”  For more than just this summer, I am going to make it a priority to make more memories than I capture, to not worry if I let a moment slip by without snapping a picture because I’ll tuck that memory away and remember it always.

I not only have a fancy camera on my phone but now I have a fancy Canon DSLR.  I want to learn how to take great pictures with it (that will always be a work in progress) but in order to do that I have keep taking pictures.

So I need to take pictures to get better at using my camera but I need to put the camera away.  Not confusing at all!  I think the main thing I’m going to put into practice this summer (and into the future) is to live in the moment.  It’s ok if I don’t get a shot for Instagram.  It’s ok if I didn’t get any pictures of our date night.  It’s ok if the picture is a little blurry.

It’s ok because I’m busy making memories.

I’m probably going to take too many pictures anyway – it’s who I am.  But I’m not going to let not-getting-the-exposure-absolutely-perfect take away from the memories that are in the making.

I hope you’ll think about putting your phone down too.  Enjoy this summer for what it is and who you’re with!

Until next time — Cindy


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