Yard Work

While I’m making my way through the 400+ pictures I took while we were away last week, I thought I would share some pictures:

I snapped some pictures of Forest while he was doing some yard work before we left for Indiana last week.  I wanted an excuse to play with my camera and he’s such a good model.  Don’t worry – he wasn’t the only one who got his hands dirty.  He might have watered the plants and cleaned out the pool but I fed the grass and cleaned out the gutters (so gross)!

Enjoy some pictures of Forest and our yard.


2014_07_06_1735-2 2014_07_06_1738 2014_07_06_1740-2 2014_07_06_1745-2

Also, catch up on some past posts that you might have missed like this one about history, or this one about random things, or maybe this one about putting your phone away.

I’ll be back to share pictures and things from our vacation last week (things like a surprise birthday party, family, wedding stuff, wedding stuff, wedding stuff, wedding, reception, and nephew).

Until next time — Cindy


*all images are original to A View from the Shore.

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